Paid Tools Membership Benefits

DAN Tools Membership is a great option if you would like to reach digital agencies, publish your blog posts for SEO purposes, involved to the community-based projects and find your potential users for your platform.

More Engagement

Digital Agencies

Get more visibility from digital agencies & the digital community of marketers by listing your tool.



Expand your influence and reach your agency users currently by getting listed at DAN.



Get up to 300% more clicks by being listed high in our diverse DAN Tools categories.

Find your Teammates

Content Marketing

Attract more traffic instantly to your website by producing blog posts to gain SEO juice.


Tool Profile Page

Higher Placements

Monthly Publications

Sponsor eGuide Projects

Dedicated Account Manager

DAN Institute Visibility

Social Media Coverage

Event & Webinar Partnerships

Job Ads

Free Membership

If you’d like to receive a fair amount of prospect traffic, generate leads and gain digital PR & SEO advantages, we recommend a paid membership.

Free Listing vs Paid Membership


Free listing tools get listed at the bottom section of our categories.


Paid members get listed higher in DAN Tools categories and improve their CTR significantly.

Paid Membership Benefits

Check out the main reasons you can consider to upgrade your free listing to paid membership.

Tool Profile Page

DAN members will have profile page where they can display tool details, pricing, features, screenshots and videos to attract new users.


Advertising on DAN

Get a chance to book high performing ad slots on DAN such as Featured Tools and Tools of the Month and generate significantly more traffic to your website.


Monthly Publications

Showcase your case study, publish news and press releases on DAN. Publish unique articles (with backlinks) on the blog and gain SEO value.


eGuide Sponsorships

Get a chance to sponsor to our community projects such as comprehensive e-Guides and online events curated together with industry leaders from agencies and digital-centric companies.


Social Media Coverage

DAN members’ work, news, blog posts and achievements get shared on our social media channels to make sure they reach a global marketing community.

Job Board

DAN Members can publish job vacancies and find the right candidates that make the best fit for their team.

Join our fast-growing happy community 🙂

Scaling up digital agencies and supporting their bussiness growth our mission!

  • This partnership definitely helps us generate more quality leads, last year it generated about 13% of our leads in total. I believe DAN membership is also one of the factors that reassure our potential clients about the quality of our services and recognition within the creative industry. We’re currently expanding our services into the US and DAN has helped us establish our agency overseas.
    Aleksandra Matwiejczyk, Marketing Manager at KOTA
  • DAN brings high-quality traffic to our site each month. Not only do we get great leads, but we also use DAN's other editorial features to stay on top of industry news and trends.
    Richard Trigg, Experience Design Director at Tangent
  • Being a member of DAN enables us to reach an audience that we otherwise might not have access to. It also gives us a platform to showcase who we are and what we’re all about.
    Tami Iseli, Marketing Manager at Luminary
  • Being a member of DAN has really helped us connect with the design and agency community. It’s also made it easier for people who may not have been familiar with our work or our agency to discover us.
    Nick Rappolt, CEO at Beyond

Have a look at our members' feedback about how DAN helped them grow their bussiness.

Upgrade your


Take action! Upgrade your free listing now and unlock the benefits of DAN membership.


Paid member agencies get listed in the ‘DAN Member Tools’ section above the ‘Free Listings’ section in our category lists.
As a paid member, you will be able to book ad slots in the ‘Featured Tools’ section on a monthly basis as well. These ads are not included in annual membership packages.

We offer Featured Tool advertising slots to our paid members only. We’ll be happy to share further details on available ad slots and their costs as soon as you upgrade your free listing to a DAN membership.