This Is Why Facebook Is Still More Important than Ever

Social media has become a part of our daily lives, we use it so much that it’s incorporated into our routine. Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms of all time.

It’s used to connect users with their friends, family, work colleagues, and even with people, they don’t know. Facebook ads campaigns allow people to share pictures, videos, music, articles, their own thoughts and options and so much more.

Facebook has been a great marketing tool for companies and brands for years, but in recent years the platform’s organic reach has declined. But not to worry – Facebook is still one of the most effective social media marketing platforms out there!

This Is Why Facebook Is Still More Important than Ever

To learn more about Facebook marketing keep reading the tips our team at Bold x Collective has for you!

1. How Many People Use Facebook?

  • Facebook was first founded in 2004, and has become extremely popular since, especially from a marketing perspective.

2. Facebook – The Top Tier of Social Media

Social media platforms that were introduced after Facebook have become wildly successful in users, but it has been undefeated amongst them all. Although there are many strong competitors like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more, Facebook still remains on top!

Compared to all the other social media platforms, Facebook has the greatest number of daily active users.

Facebook has been able to maintain its growth in users by adjusting to their user’s needs, like implementing the ability to post reels, sharing daily stories, and even live videos. Facebook has evolved greatly over the past couple of years and has adapted to new changes and the latest trends.

3. Facebook Advertising Revenue

Marketers have been taking advantage of Facebook’s massive reach and popularity to advertise brands and companies to their target audience.

Most of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertisements. In 2020, Facebook generated close to 84.2 billion dollars in ad revenue.

4. Businesses and Brands Uses… A Lot!

Facebook is a great way to market your business or brand. There are more than 90 million small businesses that are active on Facebook.

Facebook allows businesses to use its tools to market their brand. One of the most popular tools on the Facebook Page is where businesses can share information such as their address, contact details, products, and descriptions or services they offer. With this tool, brands can increase their online presence and can gain a wider audience. 

Facebook Pages allows businesses to reach large communities, build an audience and connect with potential customers or people interested in their brand.

A bonus – Facebook’s Business Page is free and a great opportunity for your business to grow in sales and gain a larger audience.


5. Who Prefers to Use Facebook?

Facebook is used by many different age groups. Most people who use Facebook are young adults. These young adults fall under the age demographic of Millennials and Generations Z.

Other social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram have gained popularity over the years, but Facebook continues to catch the attention of Millennials and Gen Z’s.

6. Average Time Spent on Facebook

Facebook’s statistics for 2021 show that users spend an average of 19.5 hours each month. Facebook is the most popular social media app and plays a significant role in users’ daily lives. 

These days people spend a substantial amount of time on social media apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram, which are also owned by Facebook.

It’s important for marketers to understand the amount of time people spend on social media apps because it can increase their chances of being exposed to advertisements. It’s also essential to know when it’s the best time to post on Facebook.

7. Why Marketers Love

Facebook being the most used social media app allows marketers to take advantage of advertising. Facebook is a helpful way to start social media marketing for your brand. You can share almost all kinds of content on Facebook, this helps brands reach out to their target audience or to interact with current or potential customers.

As a marketer at Bold x Collective, 90% of my clients use Facebook for their ads and have fantastic results from the precise targeting abilities and using pixels for retargeting. Facebook has many different types of ads from carousels to video ads, and with several placement options on both Facebook and Instagram. As a digital agency, we highly recommend Facebook to many businesses around the world.

8. Discovering Products

Facebook doesn’t only allow users to connect with one another but also gives the ability to connect with businesses and brands. Businesses can post their products or services on Facebook Shop where people can discover your brand.

When a business shares its brand on Facebook, users can learn more about the brand, read descriptions and learn about the products, and can click on the link that leads to their website. This can bring in more traffic and attention to your website. Facebook makes it easier for users to discover products without having to go on the businesses actual website, which results in more sales.


Facebook is still relevant… more than ever! As a business owner, it is crucial to have Facebook as a part of your digital strategy. If you’re a business owner that’s ready to take their Facebook to the next level, our team is here to help you with a strong content and marketing strategy. Contact us at Bold x Collective to get started. You can also explore the best Facebook marketing and advertising agencies directory from our site.

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