The Walk Collaborates with Lenovo and Microsoft to Deliver a Creative B2B Tech Campaign

In an innovative partnership, Lenovo and Microsoft offered their business customers personalized IT solutions to customers transitioning to a more flexible and remote workforce.

In a market heavily saturated with like-for-like messaging The Walk Agency wanted to energize Lenovo and Microsoft with a fresh, creative campaign that cut through Lenovo’s offering of Microsoft’s highly commoditized Microsoft 365 software to their business customers in North America.

The Walk Agency’s solution was to deliver a clever integrated marketing campaign to get customers excited about a pairing between Microsoft 365 and Lenovo CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) Managed Services.

However, they needed The Walk Agency’s help to get them there.

A Creative Concept: Miniatures

The Walk Agency came up with a creative concept that centered on their insight: a fully customizable solution tailored to businesses at any scale. They played with the idea of ‘scale’ by partnering with a local artist from the Melbourne Museum. She created miniatures in a series of 1:24 scale workplace sets to emphasize the idea.

Drew Piland, Microsoft CSP Marketing Manager, Lenovo North America said:

‘The genius in this way, not only did it help us stand out in a crowded marketplace while emphasizing customer flexibility, but it also has provided us with the flexibility to build on these concepts as we continue to build out our brand.

The miniatures, sets, photography, and hero were all produced in Melbourne, by local talent, to launch the campaign in the US and Canada.

Drew Piland, Microsoft CSP Marketing Manager, Lenovo North America said:

Not only have they delivered high-quality content under tight time constraints at a great price, but they’re also obsessed with developing a deeper understanding of our market to understand how we can continue to evolve the business.

An Integrated Campaign

As an integrated marketing agency, The Walk Agency carefully selects channels for audiences to ensure they are speaking to the right people in the right way at the right time. For this campaign, they developed sales enablement material and customer-facing collateral for reseller partners and delivered search ads, email outreach, and HTML5 display ads to drive interest in the new offering and traffic to the new landing page.

The Walk Agency worked with Lenovo’s global web agency in the UK to build the landing page, the hero video, a researched thought leadership piece, an interactive infographic, supporting documents. They also developed a cheeky ‘Convince your Boss’ cheat sheet, to empower operational staff to convince executives about the benefits of Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP). These various campaign components successfully targeted levels of the decision-making chain to prove to businesses that purchasing Microsoft 365 through Lenovo is the best option for their business.


Empowering Partners and Customers

Lenovo has a vast network of reseller partners, so it was important to them that channel partners felt empowered with the tools needed to sell Lenovo’s offering. The Walk Agency created sales enablement materials such as a partner kit for their top sellers and a series of seller training videos. They are now localizing the campaign so that they can roll it out across Europe and the APAC.

The Walk Agency has thoroughly enjoyed its partnership with Lenovo so far and is very proud of giving this campaign life. For them, the work exemplifies good creativity, clear thinking, and great collaboration. They want agencies to feel like they can make a global impact whether they’re an SMB or a global enterprise.

About The Walk Agency

The Walk Agency delivers effective, targeted, integrated marketing that fuels growth. Investing in marketing only makes sense when it is repaid with tangible, measurable results. Everything they do at The Walk must result in sales, new customers, repeat business, and a stronger pipeline.