The Effectiveness of Case Studies on Agency Websites

Case studies offer agencies the opportunity to highlight their success stories. By featuring work on your website, you’re able to demonstrate the process and results achieved –– from developing marketing strategy to achieving results.

A 2018 survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute found that case studies were the second most popular type of content used by B2B marketers. 47% of all respondents said that case studies were the most effective form of content they created for their B2B content marketing.

A case study provides a detailed and specific analysis of work your agency did, including the strategy behind the work and the results achieved. They are an effective form of long-form content that demonstrates the expertise of the agency. It’s important to be well-researched when developing a plant, and the same is true for a case study. The most effective case studies are detailed and well fleshed out, making it clear to any reader –– potential business partner or otherwise –– the work the agency did and the success achieved.

They’re also the most popular content marketing tactic used for self-promotion in the US. According to an eMarketer survey, 62.6% of marketing agency executives say case studies are effective in generating leads.

Between highlighting your business’s expertise and generating concrete future business, case studies are an important part of any successful digital marketing agency’s website and portfolio.

Highlight Your Agency’s Strategy and Strengths

Case studies allow an agency to show, not tell. They highlight concrete work that a team has done and demonstrate not just what they do but how they do it –– an important piece in securing future business. Case studies are a space to dive deeper into the strategy behind decisions made and really emphasize why your agency does it best.

Most case studies start off with an explanation of a businesses needs and how the agency met those needs using research, an individualized strategy, and their own expertise. Moving forward, the case study highlights the specific work the agency did and concludes with concrete data to show how effective and successful their work was at delivering results.

Whether it highlights a rebranding of an outdated website, the expansion of a brand’s presence to new social media platforms, or producing qualified leads, a case study allows an agency to demonstrate its diverse services and offerings all while highlighting its mastery in the field.

Digital agency showreels can be another way to display your portfolios.

Clarify the Type of Work Your Agency Does

People may find descriptions of a business and its services and skills unclear. They may need more information to understand what an agency can offer. Having case studies on your website will help maximize your ability to convert leads.

Each case study can highlight a different aspect of your business’s services. From website design to search engine optimization to rebranding, they can allow you to be more specific about what kind of work you’re doing – all of which can help attract even more future business, too.

Show Your Work to Relevant Businesses in Similar Industries

An important part of any business’s strategy is standing out amongst competitors. Case studies are an effective way to differentiate your agency and demonstrate why your team stands out. If your agency boasts a  success story involving a digital rebranding of a company’s website and marketing efforts, then drafting and sharing a case study reflecting that work could mean that in the future, more clients with similar needs go to you first.

Many businesses want an agency to show expertise in their field. If an agency has done work and can demonstrate success with hotels, a hotel company may be more likely to hire that agency than if they’re inexperienced in the field. In a similar vein to optimizing a website or a blog post for search, case studies can act like a strong keyword that drives traffic to your website. If a person is searching for “digital rebranding” services and your website has a case study with that title that showcases your hard work and expertise, it’s more likely to pop up on the search results. Case studies can thus help drive organic traffic to your website.

Generate Leads

According to BigCommerce, once a visitor to your website interacts with a testimonial or review, there are serious results. 58% of visitors are more likely to convert after seeing a review, they buy 3% more per order on average, and the website generates 62% more revenue per site visitor.

Case studies act as the perfect way to include testimonials on your website in a strategic and purposeful way that is proven to generate leads. Piquing potential future businesses’ interest is just another reason why case studies are such a powerful tool to showcase on a digital marketing agency website.

Close the Sale

Drafting well-written and high-quality case studies to share on your website is only one part of the process. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your team to close the sale and secure the business of any potential clients –– but case studies are proven to help get you there.

If nothing else, they can help get you to the first meeting –– because as we’ve seen, website visitors are influenced by testimonials, of which your case studies will be full –– and you can engage the person from there.

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