The Charles Recreated SIXTY Hotels’ Visual Brand Narrative, Design And Content Strategy

The boutique luxury hotel collective partnered with the NYC creative, The Charles to unify their visual brand narrative and messaging through content and strategy.

With properties in New York, Beverly Hills and Miami, it was important for the SIXTY brand to be highlighted, in addition to showcasing the culture and personality behind each locale. For example, SIXTY Columbus, SIXTY LES and SIXTY SoHo are all in New York but have personalities and audiences unique to their neighborhoods.

Chief Creative Officer at The Charles, Samantha Edwards commented,

I think one challenge that hospitality brands are facing is standing out in a sea of homogenized content, OTAs aside.

Just searching the hashtag #hotellife brings up 600k+ shots of ‘hotel life,’ so we knew it was imperative from the outset that the strategy should be focused on bringing the cultural authenticity and personality of each property to the forefront while maintaining the SIXTY brand DNA.


Using this as the foundation for the brand narrative, The Charles devised an overarching content strategy that championed the SIXTY brand voice and communicated each property persona.

The Visual Brand Narrative

The SIXTY brand is known for its striking imagery and arresting video content. Utilizing existing assets and new content, The Charles created a visual narrative that integrated with the content strategy.

The Moodboards

Dean Quigley, Content Director commented,

We felt the visual brand narrative was just as important as the content strategy which led us to create a series of mood boards to highlight the accompanying design language.


A Campaign For Culture

The SIXTY audience is largely centered around digitally-savvy, trend-setting travelers who expect quality content in addition to authentic cultural experiences. Targeting this audience online is a challenge, furthering the notion that the visual brand message had to be just as elevated.


Designed For Impact

The STAY SIXTY campaign was designed for impact, using the concept of “STAY” as a driver for relevant experiences to follow. Rolling out across multiple digital channels, the concept of STAY was designed for longevity and variety.


Driven To Book

Using the content strategy and visual brand narrative as the foundations, The Charles designed and composed compelling content for a multitude of channels, enabling the SIXTY brand persona to shine through each channel and interaction.



Over the course of the campaign, SIXTY have seen a significant increase in click-through rates and bookings within the first quarter of implementing The Charles’s recommended strategy.

About The Charles

The Charles is a full service, creative and digital agency specializing in strategic campaigns, digital design, technology and content creation.