The Age of Authenticity: Brands, It’s Time to Be Real with Your Audience

Authenticity is a growing key factor in successful digital marketing strategies. In this blog, we look deeply at the importance of “authenticity,” and why it is so important to us and our audiences, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

Being Genuine with All Your Relationships

A growing key factor in digital marketing or marketing strategy nowadays is authenticity. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of people mention that genuine people are rare. We tend to resonate with people who are real with us, and appreciate bluntness even if it comes with some criticism. Cloak and dagger are too common in the world of business and climbing up the ladder are usually done by lying to others in some form or way. As a community, we’re becoming increasingly aware of how sales interactions work.

If you’ve ever worked a sales job where you try to push customers to buy a product, sometimes regardless of how you feel about the product, then you’re probably one of the more aware ones in society. However, it’s not just sales jobs that require you to understand the concept of it. Sales are a concept inherent in everything you do. When you try to convince anyone of anything, you are trying to sell them the idea. In these interactions, it is important to be truthful.

In this blog, the Bold x Collective team discusses the importance of “authenticity,” and why it is so important to us, and our audiences, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

How It Correlates to Online Marketing

People tend to separate face-to-face interaction from online marketing, but the same concept holds true for any marketing strategy. You need to build trust with your clients and customers first and foremost.

Caution! Millennials Are Quick to Judge

The media’s influence continues to grow as every day passes and people are adapting to new technology. Younger generations especially are learning to filter what is false advertising and which brands are genuine very easily. According to CNBC, Millennials especially, are extremely skeptical about everything because of the debt they have acquired from student debts and the current economic state. And if you care about your brand, then you’ll definitely want to care about Millennials opinions, seeing as they’re the largest generation group, according to Statistica.


So How Can You Show Authenticity in Online Marketing?

  • State your purpose clearly. You know that part of a conversation where people think to themselves “What is their goal here?” Beat them to it by answering it for them. And be consistent in both your message and your actions
  • Display audience content. Let your audience whether they’re your clients, customers or just anyone who supports your cause, post their content unfiltered. It will show that you’re not afraid of criticisms and you don’t only post the positive stuff. You’ll gain more respect in this way.
  • Inclusivity.  Potential clients and customers want to know that your brand is fair and not a dictatorship. They want to know you treat your employees well and care about their opinions.
  • No jargon. When communicating with your audience, make sure there’s no jargon in your language. On top of being harder to understand, they want to feel like you’re communicating at their level.
  • Support Real World Issues. Most people want to know that you’re not just in it for the money. Between me and you, I know you probably do all that stuff… charity, care for the environment, immigration and diversity, employee wages, etc. But just make people aware of that fact through your brand
  • Employees & team.  Make sure your employees or team are being consistent in representing your goals and vision properly.
  • Social Media.  All your interactions on social media should be with the goal of representing your brand well. Any little comment you make could potentially ruin your brand’s image, especially with the internet’s influence nowadays. Tread with caution, but as long as you are professional and keep your interactions friendly and with the intention to genuinely help, you should have no problem!
  • Website. This one’s probably an obvious one, but your website should have all of the above aspects within its content. Transparency is always appreciated on your website.

Just a Few Examples

As an example, in the fashion industry, clothing stores tend to use “super models” to promote their products because they are known to make anything they wear look good. However, many people are realizing that those images are not realistic standards for most people and appreciate when brands use more realistic models. So now, many clothing stores are starting to use a diverse group of individuals as their models to promote their products.

Companies that are also focusing on social media marketing are starting to use real untouched photo and video content from their audience that include a reference back to their brand using a hashtag on social media like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter etc.

Have you ever received a hand-written letter from someone? If you have, then you know there is a different and more personable feeling you get from it than one that was typed up. Well, many brands are starting to use the business owner’s own handwriting for messages to their customers, even if it’s a simple “Thank you. We appreciate your support!” That effort to be personable with their clients or customers goes a long way in establishing a long-lasting relationship with them. People want to know that you care for them and the way you show that can be very simple.


At Bold x Collective, authenticity is very important to us. We understand that today’s world is different – people are real, authentic, and transparent, which is why this is something we preach as an agency. Your digital marketing efforts should be authentic, and relatable to your target audience. If you’re ready to take your business’ digital marketing to another level, contact us to get started.