3 Successful Digital Transformation Strategy Examples

Like a caterpillar into a butterfly, transformation is very cool to see. The same goes for digital transformation strategy within a business.

For butterflies and businesses alike, there are always many complicated steps that come before the final beautiful result.

Take a glimpse into the machinations of how digitalization actually works, by looking at these examples from Emote Digital’s real-life clients.

See how digital transformation strategy has been implemented to totally transform how these businesses run with even greater success, thanks to Emote Digital.

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Suzuki Motorcycles Case Study

Suzuki Motorcycles is a huge brand creating precisionist motorcycles. What they needed is to be streamlined.

Emote had to overcome the challenge to make the most of digital even though motorcycles are typically sold in-person at dealerships.

This meant solving for the lack of visibility around customers being able to see which dealers have what bikes.

There’s a general decline in the motorcycle market so above all Emote needed a totally new way of thinking to overcome these challenges.

The Digital Transformation Strategy

So how did they do it?

It started by considering the customer’s journey on the website — what they’d be looking for, what they need to know and any obstacles a user would encounter that would stop them making a purchase.

Emote made every page visually appealing to entice users while clearly highlighting each motorcycle’s benefits.

By adding a search function, Suzuki’s customers can search surrounding dealers for different models and filter their search by year and colour. Emote made it easy and attractive to filter for accessories and services and send an enquiry to the selected dealer.

Not only did they consider the customer’s journey, but they also factored in the dealerships and the business.

Each dealership runs their own promos and needs autonomy over their sales. That’s why Emote created the ability to expand out individual pages and list promos, certified used bikes and current stock.

Considering Suzuki Motorcycles’ overall goal of combating the declining market, Emote knew they needed to make it even easier and more exciting to purchase online. That’s why they created Build Your Bike.

By integrating Build Your Bike customers could now customise their bike online, previously something that didn’t exist. The user could then pay a deposit and secure their custom-built motorcycle or send it to a nominated dealer.

The End Result

This resulted in a fully streamlined experience between the customer, the dealership and Suzuki Motorcycles.

The website’s bounce rate dropped by 15% and saw a 33% increase in conversion rates for leads.

Customers came, and they liked what they saw.

By fully embracing digital, Emote helped Suzuki Motorcycles make the most of their site and better capture the sophistication of their product.


Bakers Delight Case Study

A total Aussie icon, Bakers Delight needs no introduction.

What they did need, was a helping hand to bring them into the digital age and make the most of their online offering.

The Digital Transformation Strategy

The number one thing Emote Digital saw in this transformation was simple. They saw potential.

What this means is they saw the potential for this massive brand to come into the digital age with great impact.

There was potential not just for an eCommerce store, but also for integrations and to further expand Bakers Delight’s offering to include more digital options.

It took an outside perspective to look at the Bakers Delight business holistically, listen to their challenges, diagnose issues and prescribe solutions.

Emote gave Bakers Delight the framework to move their business to eCommerce and fully embrace digital. They convinced them of the benefits and helped Bakers Delight see the same potential they could.

This meant inspiring them to innovate, showcase their product range and improving how they highlight franchising opportunities.

We digitally transformed their approach to being an online business. We inspired them to innovate, showcase their product range and highlight franchising opportunities to help the brand to continue to grow and bolster their digital marketing efforts.

The Result

So far, the result is moving the Bakers Delight website to be an eCommerce store and transforming the way they franchise.

It also meant their site, marketing and business goals started working harmoniously together for impressive results.

But watch this space as even more digital solutions roll out over the coming months.

Like any good digital transformation, it isn’t about one simple fix. It’s about the continual progression of improvements and seizing opportunities. That’s exactly what Emote was able to do here.

Brown Brothers

Brown brothers is a family wine group who needed a way to introduce a recently acquired boutique wine brand.

Emote knew it was important to consider both how it could be well-received by their customer base as well as how to make the process easy for the team at Brown Brothers.

The Digital Transformation Strategy of Brown Brothers

Emote Digital didn’t just revamp their website. They diagnosed the specific needs of Brown Brothers and their customer-base to execute solutions that solve their challenges.

By creating a unified multi-site, it meant all four wine brands could be run off the same. This makes it easier for Brown Brothers to manage and sets them up for success if they choose to incorporate more brands in the future.

This allows different brands to be cross-sold across each website and from the customer’s perspective, makes for a shopping experience that is both streamlined while also maintaining each brand’s distinctive personality.

Stock levels and product information is now monitored and managed from the one place, with the ability to make instantaneous updates across every site. Emote also added a countdown tool so that shoppers can see how many bottles more they must add to reach their 6 bottles minimum order.

Again, solving problems so that stock is easy to see and manage from both the business and user end.

Emote addressed a frustrating common issue with online stores and ordering rules by building custom pages from a collection of pre-designed modules. What does that mean? Basically each Brown Brothers’ website is created from the same template but is fully customised to suit each wine group.

Every customer gets the best experience for every brand.

The Result

This meant both the user and the business now has the best experience of digital.

By immersing themselves in the Brown Brothers business, defining the problems that needed tackling and developing a strategy to fix it, Emote built success into the Brown Brothers website.

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