Brianna Nixon

Brianna is the Lead Copywriter at Bellman and Emote, wearing many hats in order to produce perfect copy for clients' brands, websites and across their marketing channels. She knows the world of digital content inside out and has written and managed copy for some of Australia's largest businesses.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How to Develop an Effective Digital Transformation Strategy

Like any effective strategy, the first step is to diagnose the problem. And that’s true for digital transformation. Emote Digital are pioneers in the space of digital transformations — the process where your company fully embraces the power of digital to implement strategies that revolutionise your operation. It’s not just a new website or defining …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

3 Successful Digital Transformation Strategy Examples

Like a caterpillar into a butterfly, transformation is very cool to see. The same goes for digital transformation strategy within a business. For butterflies and businesses alike, there are always many complicated steps that come before the final beautiful result. Take a glimpse into the machinations of how a digital transformation actually works, by looking …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

7 Steps to Create a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

At its best, a digital transformation can totally revolutionise how your business operates, markets, converts and ensures longevity in your industry. Seems like magic, but the truth is, a good strategy often feels like magic. You might be wondering what exactly a digital transformation is. It’s not just converting bricks and mortar stores into websites. …

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