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Sonos One Smart Speaker Promises To Play All Your Favorite Playlists

Along with an increasing interest in voice-assisted speakers, tech companies have started to compete with each other by developing a smart speaker which has a unique design and attractive features.

However, when it comes to functionality, companies sometimes forget simple details, especially for music lovers.

Promoting its One Smart speaker, Sonos is teasing its competitors in its new campaign.



Directed by Jonathan Krisel and created by Anomaly, “You’re Better Than This” campaign points out the limitations of the latest smart speakers such as HomePod which was released by Apple at the beginning of this year and can only play music from Apple Music.

In fact, Sonos distributed print ads when Apple launched HomePod and let people know about its ability to support various music services including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, SoundCloud and so on.


“Do something to make you worth your value.”

These are the words said by a young man, who only wants to listen to his favorite music playlist from Spotify and wonders if his new smart speaker named, “Serge”, can play music in someway, in the Sonos’s first spot.

In the second spot, we see a young woman Cheryl, who doesn’t seem happy to hear the weather temperature or received emails when she asks smart speaker to play her wake-up playlist.

At the end of the both spots, we see that Sonos One Smart speaker can play the exact playlists the characters wish to listen to when they ask Alexa to play.

We are already surrounded by the new voice-assisted products and aware of how big the competition is.

Sonos’s new campaign also reminds us that we should ask twice while we are purchasing a smart product. Are all these features the reasons that we buy smart products for?

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