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Social Network For Marketing Professionals: Shocase

Shocase is a new social network for marketing professionals to feature work, stay updated and connect with others.

Integrating the best features of LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube into one purpose-built network, Shocase provides 100 million-plus marketing professionals a platform for their work, with photos and videos as well as other content formats to best showcase their creativity.

Shocase offers marketing professionals help to get their best work noticed, enable sharing of work samples with potential clients and employers, stay updated on the news and trends. This professional network can be used to create portfolio and resume, gather chosen content into collections, apply for jobs, follow particular topics and people and engage in professional discussions.

Shocase Marketing Network

The best works in different areas of expertise, such as advertising, branding, promotion, strategy, public relations and more can be distinguished and highlighted on the platform.

Shocase founder and CEO Ron Young says,

It is harder than ever to find the right marketing or PR person, so the public needs a new platform to find who has the hippest shopper marketing in the packaged goods market place or who understands PR in a particular vertical. Shocase is a real-time catalogue of the marketing or PR work that people have done.

Shocase professional network

Shocase has a streamlined, designer oriented interface and the template lets users post in different formats such as PDF, JPEG or Vimeo, or embed project files. The network is free to use, but Young said he eventually wants to introduce a premium model with higher search levels.

Top players in the industry such as Ogilvy, Disney, PayPal, BBDO, Wieden Kennedy, Farmers Insurance and others have already started using the Shocase social network.

Have a look: www.shocase.com

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