ProperExpression Helped a Gen2 RPA Company Increase Organic Traffic by 74%

ProperExpression revitalized the content marketing strategy, technical SEO and growth marketing of a Gen2 RPA company.

About the Client

The client’s Gen2 RPA technology built on Python empowers developers at companies of all sizes to quickly build, integrate, deploy, analyze and maintain complex automations.

The technology makes it easy for users to deploy robots at scale, automating their mission-critical tasks and routines. With the client’s open-source automation tools at their fingertips, users can save time and money and drive more productivity and revenue for their business.

The Challenge

Strong Competition in a Complex Market

Large enterprises dominate the marketplace, and the client was not ranking on target high purchase intent keywords or general keywords in its category.

Lack of Use Case-Based Website Content

Despite the extensive documentation of how to use the product, the website did not communicate clearly to prospects how the tech benefits companies across all industries.

Undifferentiated Communication with Buyer Personas

With a limited understanding of each buyer persona’s needs, the Marketing & Sales teams could not deliver valuable content that would convert leads into customers.

The Solution

Optimization of Existing Website Content & Site Speed

ProperExpression conducted an in-depth competitor analysis to determine the top target keywords on which the client could begin ranking in the short term. Prioritizing the pages that generated the most organic traffic, ProperExpression optimized existing website pages (meta titles, meta descriptions, H1s, etc.) for target keywords. The team also worked with the client’s development team to implement technical website optimizations.

Creation of a Detailed Content Calendar

The ProperExpression team created a calendar of new website content to be created by the client, including the meta tags and keyword strategies for each page. The new website content clearly defined the industries, companies and business functions the technology can serve, making it easier for prospects to make a buying decision.

Development of Key Target Personas & Strategies

Along with in-depth customer interviews, ProperExpression met with the client’s internal team to develop thorough buyer personas that defined each target audience’s backgrounds, pain points and goals. The buyer personas guided content creation and keyword strategies.

The Results

Through competitor analysis, in-depth keyword research, technical website optimizations, buyer persona development and ongoing SEO, ProperExpression set the client up for continuous success in improving their organic traffic and CRO of their website.

Within the first nine months of engagement:

  • +174% Increase in Organic Impressions
  • +151% Increase in Organic Clicks
  • +74% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • +6.5 Increase in Average Ranking for Target Keywords

About ProperExpression

ProperExpression blends art, data science and digital innovation to deliver creative solutions to quantifiable problems. The strategies and tactics they execute for clients manifest into multi-channel campaigns that directly impact the bottom line. With a results-driven culture and strong emphasis on tracking and data analytics, they work closely with sales teams to push deals across the finish line, maximizing the ROI of every marketing dollar.