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Never-ending Handmadefont Story

The idea comes before everything.

The idea that brought to life Handmadefont, a font-designing company from Estonia, was both simple and beautiful: you can be inspired by everything that surrounds you. Al l that you need is having a look around. So yes, simplicity is the soul of genius – this is the very thought that motivated two brothers Vladimir and Maksim Loginov to establish in 2008 their own design studio for handcrafted fonts. Fonts that were no longer just raster images, but a product of imagination.

Stone, wood, liquid, paper, pencils, even donuts – they use all the objects from everyday life to show to the world that creativity and new concepts can be found in the most unexpected places. Any material can be turned into a state-of-the-art font with the help of different tools.




On their website, Vladimir and Maksim Loginov describe their vision as below:

We are not only brothers, but colleagues. We’ve been working in graphic design for more than 15 years. Very often we had to create unique fonts for different advertising campaigns, posters and TV commercials. The final result, after putting so much effort, would only last for a month or two. We felt so sorry that no one would ever see those works again. We decided to give them a new lease of life. That’s how the idea of Handmadefont came up.

At some point we started to grow internationally. We noticed that Handmadefont is popular amomgst advertising agencies and magazines, our fonts are used for commercial ads, packaging design, film titles and many more. Sometimes we cheerfully notice our fonts somewhere, let say, in Finland on an ice-cream waggonette or at a Latin American multimedia journal that focuses on fashion or covers a healthy lifestyle.

Loginovs’ strivings helped them to come to light on the global stage and now Handmadefont is a well-known font developing company working together with big brands like BBDO, IBM and Disney.

Another news from Handmadefont is that they started reselling handcrafted fonts by artists, so that the designs will spread through wider audiences!

They explained the process:

Finally, we are happy to share with you that Handmadefont initiative to introduce not only our own fonts, but also fonts by other artists has just started.

Additionally, we are working on a vendors/suppliers list to share with our 400+ member agencies from all around the world. We can also offer to add Handmadefont to the list. This can be a great opportunity for your company.

It has its own Youtube-channel, Instagram and more than 1000 handmade alphabets and fonts on its own web-site. If you want to get to know what true inspirations are, just follow!

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