Mister Cartoon and Turtle Wax Partnership Launches in Australia and New Zealand via DIJGTAL

DIJGTAL launches ‘The Art of Car Care’, an exciting partnership between renowned LA street artist and icon, Mister Cartoon and Turtle Wax in Australia and New Zealand.

The Art of Car Care line is a fresh take on what car care traditionally looks like. It balances premium products that can enhance any vehicle with upscale artistic inspiration from the automotive and lowrider communities of Los Angeles — the epicenter of car culture and a place where Mister Cartoon is a long-time participant and key figure.

Mister Cartoon commented:

The Art of Car Care is looking at your car as a canvas, and these car care products are your brushes. What we brought was a street edge, hooking it up with modern technology and putting that together with hand drawn logos, bottles, labels and fonts. I’m hyped to see my range coming to Australia and New Zealand. I know there is a huge car community down there that love their cars as much as I do!

In an industry first product launch, DIJGTAL crafted a unique immersive experience featuring 16 carefully curated LA styled cars and bikes displayed as an automotive art gallery. With each car being a work of art, representing the builder’s artistic interpretations. All products in the range were on show as individual artworks for guests to explore and sample. There was even a special message for attendees from Mister Cartoon himself on the night. See a wrap up of the event below.

Turtle Wax X Mister Cartoon | The Art of Car Care Launch Sydney 2023 from DIJGTAL on Vimeo.

Attended by automotive industry heavyweights from the Australian car enthusiast scene as well as industry representatives from DuluxGroup, Selleys, Turtle Wax and Supercheap Auto, the launch event was the perfect platform in which to inject excitement around the brand.
DIJGTAL have also developed an end-to-end digital marketing strategy and creative campaign, designed to create excitement around The Art of Car Care range and the Turtle Wax brand, as well as drive sales online and in-stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Ross Churchill, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at DIJGTAL said:

The success of this incredible event is credited to the dedication of long hours, the cultivation of strong relationships, and a genuine passion for the automotive community. Turtle Wax have trusted DIJGTAL to not only bring the new range to life in Australia and New Zealand, but also push the Turtle Wax brand back into the spotlight where it belongs!

Andrew Poole, Channel Business Manager at Selleys (Turtle Wax’s Australian Distributor) added:

We’re really excited to bring the Art of Car Care range to life in Australia, and DIJGTAL have been the perfect partner to go on that journey with!


DIJGTAL is an innovation-led strategic design and marketing agency, with offices in Sydney, Vancouver, and Los Angeles.