Clear Digital Announces 2023 Homepage Rankings for Fortune 500 B2B Tech Brands

Clear Digital, a digital agency with 20+ years of experience delivering real-world impact for leading B2B companies, today announced its annual Fortune 500 homepage rankings.

Each year, Clear evaluates the homepages of the most successful B2B tech companies, highlighting key trends, identifying best practices, and flagging common issues. This report shows global businesses what they can do to deepen confidence and drive real results with their website.

Clear Digital’s scoring system ranked each homepage on key factors including usability, navigation, and narrative on a scale of 0 (lacking/broken) to 5 (best practice). Earning a 4.3 average, ServiceNow’s homepage scored the highest of the Fortune 500, while Intuit’s homepage topped the individual rankings in brand, design, and motion graphics.

Clear found that in 2023, many B2B tech brands excel at navigation, but miss the opportunity to effectively deploy motion graphics for engagement; over 94% of the companies reviewed scored proficiently for navigation compared to just 3% in motion graphics. Clear also found that Fortune 500 companies have much higher engagement rates overall than average B2B tech companies.

According to the Clear report, using smart search tools and clearly differentiated hyperlinks improve usability. Micro interactions, animation, and a distinctive visual style contribute to a stronger brand impression. To improve website effectiveness, Clear recommends specific, compelling calls to action and incorporating more data into claims to show real results. By keeping content streamlined and using graphic elements rather than stock photography, companies can give visitors a more focused, human experience.

As part of the report, Clear Digital maps out how each company’s Fortune 500 ranking compared with their global traffic ranking, bounce rate, number of page views, and time on site. Clear concluded that digital strategy is more important than ever as businesses everywhere feel the impact of economic uncertainty, market volatility, and tightened budgets. A well-designed website delivers the experience B2B customers demand, driving engagement and elevating business performance.

Similar to previous years, Clear’s own UX designers and researchers performed the analysis for the report, using evaluation tools and engagement data sources including,, and

About Clear Digital

Clear Digital is a full-service Silicon Valley digital brand experience agency headquartered in San Jose. With 20+ years of experience in delivering award-winning results for its clients, Clear Digital specializes in building strategic digital brand and web experiences that help B2B organizations navigate change and drive real-world impact. Clients include Cisco Systems, McAfee, and Splunk.