Mimosa Agency Founder Danilo Sierra Speaks About Digital Transformation

We had the opportunity to have a Q&A session with the Founder and Project Lead of Mimosa Agency, Danilo Sierra.

He answered our questions regarding digital transformation as a digital agency. If you are wondering how sectors are affected by COVID-19, and what Mimosa Agency offers to help them survive, enjoy reading the interview.

Q1. Digital transformation for companies and brands has become almost mandatory in a very short time. As a digital agency, how are you handling this process? Can you please share some concrete examples elaborating your digital transformation process?

We were lucky to be born digital. Originally, as a small endeavour of the two initial partners, we decided to make everything as lean as possible and not inflate costs with a physical space, so when the sudden changes caused by COVID-19 came, we were essentially already running in our normal method: Remote, distributed, from home whenever possible, and fully operational.

Q2. Can you share some precautions you have taken to continue business as usual during the COVID-19 outbreak?

We have seen a change in demand and the timeline expected for projects, so we had to adjust our expenses, travel budgets, meetings and essentially reduce the business to its minimum expression.

On the daily part, at the moment we are essentially all online via the company chat and some other tools. But this is what it used to be. We like to think of ourselves as digital hermits: We only leave the house if we are going to be paid for it.

Q3. What industries are your clients mainly focused on? How has COVID-19 affected these industries?

Work almost exclusively with b2b tech companies, so thankfully for us the change has been mostly superficial. We are actually starting new projects now since they were already almost all pretty much digitized.

Q4. What are your insights into digital transformation within different industries? How do you think they will evolve?

We have learned from what we hear from some of our partners that you can’t solve analog problems with digital transformation. We have seen a lot of good intentions out there in a lot of players, but at the end if the power structures, team dynamics, compensation, and power management aren’t addressed, it doesn’t matter if your processes are digital. You won’t survive. Luckily this is not the case for us nor our clients. We work with really driven companies who have invested a lot of time and effort in digital.

Q5. Companies are now investing more on various digital channels. Based on your know-how in digital marketing, which sectors should focus on investing in which digital channels?

Varies by sector. I would strongly suggest most companies to start paying more attention to LinkedIn, specially if B2B. But beyond this is on a case-by-case basis so I would rather them to book a consultation with us. 🙂

Q6. After the COVID-19 crisis, it is expected that the need for digital agencies will increase. Companies will invest in digital more than ever. In this case, why do you think they should partner with your digital agency?

We have expertise in complicated tech solutions (Blockchain, Augmented Reality) and highly regulated markets (Automotive and Medtech) so we can help you streamline and find your digital marketing and sales processes golden path even if you have a big internal infrastructure.

Q7. Are there any practices that you have adjusted during COVID-19 that you would like to continue after this crisis ends? (e.g. remote working)

Definitely picking up the phone call instead of videoconferencing. The quality in conversations is just different.

Q8. How does being a DAN member contribute to your agency’s success?

We consider DAN one of our closest partners and best lifelines. We are extremely proud of collaborating with you since 2016 and definitely feel treated and respected like a family. Belonging to DAN is definitely a privilege.

About Mimosa Agency

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