Marketing Strategies eCommerce Brands Should Utilise This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has become a huge day in eCommerce! Consumers all over the world are spending more on Valentine’s gifts every year. If you’re looking to set your brand or business apart from competitors, it’s important to use tried and tested strategies so you’re achieving the best results possible. 

As Digital Media Team, we’ve picked out some top tips to follow this Valentine’s Day! 

Run a Promotion or Offer

Everyone loves a sale. It’s human nature to get a thrill when you see something you’ve been eyeing is reduced. As we approach any notable holiday, it can be a great time to run an exclusive offer or promotion. Valentine’s Day campaigns, offers, and promotions can produce exceedingly good results and higher streams of revenue! 

An example would be to run a competition across social media, which could be as simple as ‘like and comment for a chance to win’ or run a lead generation campaign. As well as creating brand awareness, a lead gen can improve your email database size and encourage more sign-ups to your mailing list.

Create Urgency 

Running out of time to find that all-important gift? You’re not alone. Each year, millions of consumers will flock to buy gifts for Valentine’s Day, and there’s no better time than to take advantage of last-minute shoppers.

Creating a sense of urgency can grab the attention of your audience, and there are several ways in which to do this! For example, similarly to Christmas, many brands will place a focus on ‘last order dates’ to push consumers to purchase and receive their order in time or alternatively make it known if something is for a limited time only. This simple messaging can be present within your ads, featured on your website homepage, or on your site’s pop-up. The added push of time sensitivity will increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Designated Landing Pages

Tying in with a sense of urgency, customers can have short attention spans and will know within just 20 seconds if they’re going to stay or leave your page. Withholding attention will benefit your brand in the long run and hopefully lead to more purchases! 

A simple way to keep your customers engaged is to clearly lay out your website and incorporate designated landing pages. It’s estimated that websites with specific landing pages have a 160% higher conversion rate than sites without, and incorporating landing pages minimises confusion for customers.

If you’re looking to get your site Valentine’s ready, consider setting up a special landing page for Valentine’s gifts or seasonal products so potential customers can easily navigate your page!

Use Targeted Pop-ups

Pop-ups are an underrated tool within the marketing sphere. An effective pop-up can initiate a customer’s purchase journey, increase customer loyalty, and significantly grow your email database! 

Pop-ups can especially be useful with significant calendar dates, such as Valentine’s Day. For example, your business could offer early access to limited collections, offer a discount for signing up, or a lead generation, which could give users the opportunity to win either a prize bundle or a gift card to spend.

Limited Edition Products 

Limited edition products can hook consumers because of the fear of missing out. It’s estimated that 42% of 13-39-year-olds are more likely to buy a product if it’s limited edition. At the same time, 34% of people bought limited edition items to feel unique.

Creating a product or service for a limited time pushes consumption motivation and creates hype; if you’re not already producing limited edition products, it’s worth looking into in the future!

Create a Gift Guide 

Gift guides are really helpful tools to attract customers and retain them. Gift shopping can often be overwhelming for a lot of people, so creating simple gift guides tailored to different kinds of shoppers is ideal. 

These gift guides could be featured on your website or created as a social media post carousel, for example, having ‘gifts under £10’, ‘gifts under £20’ and so on!

Optimise Your Site for Mobile 

Optimising your site for mobile use can often be overlooked by marketers, but it’s one of the most important factors for keeping potential customers engaged. Over 60% of organic search visits now come from mobile, so making your site user-friendly is crucial. 

To optimise for mobile use, consider factors such as loading speed, mobile-friendly fonts, optimise images, minimise the use of pop-ups, and make use of touch-friendly buttons and menus.

Cross-Sell Products

Cross-selling products is a simple way to upsell your products, especially over occasions such as Valentine’s Day. When a customer adds something to cart, consider adding an upsell, such as, ‘Customers also loved this…’ or ‘We think you’ll like this’. 

Not only can cross-selling improve profit margins, upselling products and including recommendations adds a personal touch to your marketing and helps your customers feel more valued. When personalisation tactics are used within marketing, it’s estimated that it can improve engagement by 20%, and 80% of customers are then more likely to make purchases when they feel like a brand understands them.

The overall key to successful marketing is to find the strategies that best work for your brand! Using tried and tested methods is an effective way to get eyes on your brand or business, but creating a unique spin on things will also help set you apart from your competitors! 

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