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MAD/Fest London 2019



When: 13/11/2019 – 14/11/2019

MAD/Fest London 2019 will pull together crew of marketers, start-ups, disruptors, tech types and media folk, and also the people who are carving out the future of marketing, advertising and technology.

The festival is a creative, energetic and inspiring space where 2000 brands, agencies, media owners, tech innovators and investors come together to fix, pitch and hack their way to the future of marketing, advertising and disruptive tech.

MAD/Fest 2019 London believes that amazing content and fun fosters new partnerships, new relationships and new ways of thinking. That’s why they have packed the program with 100’s of brave brands, agile agencies and prime publishers on-stage, whilst enabling people to meet 1 to 1 in a pop-up pub.

There’s so much to get involved in including; intimate workshops, start-up matchmaking, pitching, live music and even a pub quiz!

Check out this video to find out more about MAD/Fest:

Challenges Include:

  • Fix it: Hear the world’s top brand, agency, media and tech leaders fix today’s challenges in 20 minutes.
  • Pitch it: Discover visionary ideas to transform the future of marketing and advertising.
  • Hack it: Join live brand challenges, start-up pitches and hack innovative solutions.

MAD/Fest arms is the space at the festival where you can meet buyers, discover innovative suppliers, make friends, exchange ideas, try new things and uncover new talent all in the comfortable surroundings of pop-up East End pub.

MAD/Social is the place at the festival for saying the opposite of networking is not working! MAD/Fest is proud to on creating an informal, fun and sociable meeting space in the form of pop-up pub, The MAD/Fest Arms.

The event is organized by MAD/Fest London which is the new marketplace where marketing, advertising and disruptive tech leaders come together to fix industry issues, pitch visionary ideas and hack innovative solutions to brand challenges. It’s the space where top brands, agencies, publishers and disruptive forces can seamlessly connect, form new relationships and have fun in the heart of London’s tech and culture scene.

Find out more please visit the website.

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