Take A Closer Look At How A Social Media Intern And A Project Manager Spend Their Days At Tangent

Tangent stalked their team on how a day is spent in the agency and they followed Angelica, their Social Media Intern and Josie, their Project Manager.

Starting with Angelica, she’s willing to tell her career journey, then Josie shares some insights into the good and not so glamorous parts of being a Project Manager.

The job description of Angelica includes many aspects of the different projects going on. When she first began at Tangent, she was introduced to a new channel that was being launched very soon. This project involved her testing and reviewing vegan products in order to create honest and interesting written content for the Instagram channel. She also helped with the design side of things by coming up with grid ideas for the launch of the page. In addition to this, She researched and contacted influencers that could be potential ambassadors for this brand.


She decribes internships as very important steps during career because it enables to experience the working world first-hand and become exposed to an environment which is completely different to school or university. She says that there is a lot more freedom in the work environment and speaking out with one’s own ideas and opinions is celebrated.

She describes office life as a lot friendlier than expected, with continuous upbeat music and donuts going around. According to her, everyone is super inclusive and genuinely interested in her opinion at every stage.


To say something about the advertising industry, she likes the process of creating a new channel or project. It begins with a brainstorming session and it’s amazing to see how one creative idea can be discussed and transformed into a new tangible product or project. Of course as an Intern, Anjelica overcomes the problems and challenges by asking. She quickly realised that asking a stupid question is better than not knowing and doing it all wrong as a result.

Anjelica’s communication go-to’s are Slack, Google slides, Instagram, Preview App and Canva where she is communicating, creating and researching. All and all, she sums up the experience at Tangent as interactive, interesting and innovative!


Josie starts by describing her Monday in sharing her part. According to her, Mondays are normally manically busy, catching up with clients and planning out the week to come. She’s making sure that everyone’s aware of deadlines that are going to be due in the following week and that everything is prepared for it.


She describes the getting into this field of work ‘accidentally’, because she used to work in recruitment and recruited for some PM roles… A lot of the skills that is needed as a PM (time-management, multi-tasking, communication) are also something that is relevant in recruitment so that led her down this path.

For Josie, managing expectations and opinions should be done with honesty. Building up a relationship with clients, where they trust that you are making the right choices for them but being honest and upfront when something isn’t working according to plan and changes need to be made. She finds out that as long as you manage expectations early on, the outcome tends to be more positive for both the agency and the client.


According to Josie, diversity is important to the team. Different people from different backgrounds bring different skills and ideas to the table. It makes our team stronger to be so diverse.

As a PM, getting things done right without ruffling any feathers but as a general rule she has a pretty good relationship with all of her colleagues where everyone support seach other.


The funniest thing that has ever happened at Tangent fro Josie is, accidentally turning up to the Christmas party in matching fancy dress with two of her colleagues!

Lastly, Josie’s advices for the potential PM’s is to research the role, work on your stress management techniques, be prepared to challenge yourself every day, and don’t take failure personally.

So, if you choose to initiate your career in the digital industry as in Social Media or as a Project Maanger, Tangent happens to be the suitable place!