Lead Generation Specialist Has 40% Lift in Organic Traffic Thanks to Impression

Impression helped lead generation specialist Boiler Guide to drive organic traffic that is up 40%.

The Client

Lead generation specialist Boiler Guide is the leading UK supplier of leads for boiler and heating engineers Used by homeowners and residents looking for local installers and repair people, as well as installers looking for leads in their area, the company prides itself on the quality of service provided to both parties.

The Challenge

Boiler Guide got in touch with Impression as its marketing team felt that the website had hit a bit of a glass ceiling in its organic rankings. The business already had a strong internal SEO resource and strategy, as well as a high performing content team, however, the overall authority of the site was limited by the quality of links coming into the domain.

The content team at Boiler Guide is extremely proactive in producing bespoke guides, product reviews, “how to” articles and commentary surrounding industry issues which naturally garner a decent amount of links, however, it was a lack of high authority links that were limiting the site’s potential to rank towards the top of page one for its hero keywords.

Following the pitch process and initial conversations, it was clear the team was keen to showcase its excellent knowledge and industry insight through thought leadership opportunities as well as being open to more creative campaigns that could be used to target new relevant domains where they hadn’t previously been featured.

The Strategy

Impression decided the best approach for Boiler Guide’s digital PR and link building strategy was to use a layered approach encompassing a wide array of the below tactics.


However, the majority of the techniques used can be filtered into the following categories:

  • Creative content campaigns
  • Thought leadership and feature opportunities
  • ‘Traditional’ PR tactics and announcements
  • Reactive opportunities and comments

The client, who has a high level of SEO knowledge, main KPIs and requirements for the site was predominantly focused on achieving a consistent stream of quality links into the domain as opposed to intermittent flurries of links coming in through quarterly campaigns, for example.

Using this layered approach has allowed us to take an “always-on” approach to link building, meaning they have been able to flex the tactics used each month depending on industry seasonality and the wider news agenda.

The campaigns they have focused on over the past 12 months have always been based around topics and content that Boiler Guide’s core audiences of homeowners, landlords and installers would find genuinely interesting and that the brand would be proud to also promote as a marketing asset. Some of the examples so far include:

Boilers on the Blink. This campaign used Boiler Guide’s own internal data to calculate how likely your boiler is likely to break down based on where you live in the UK. This compared the number of recorded boiler repair enquiries and compared it to the number of properties in the same location and was picked up by both the regional and industry press.

The names of the UKs most trusted traders. It turns out the tradesmen named Nigel are the most trusted in the UK, who knew? This campaign took a deep dive into review data from sites including Boiler Guide, Google My Business and Yell to work out the average ratings for the most common first names in the UK. Gary and Paul also fared well.

Customisable boiler cases. They also worked with Boiler Guide to produce a range of customisable boiler cases – the perfect accessory to ensure your boiler stands pride of place in your property! Options included the Liverpool FC branded version “You’ll never warm alone…” (sorry), The Throne and The Pat (Butcher inspired). While a fun campaign that showcased the human element of the brand, it also achieved links across the national, property and trade press including a full online feature in The Sun.


Other notable results that have earned links over the past 12 months have come from more typically traditional PR tactics including an announcement of the company’s record year, commentary surrounding the Government’s ban on gas boilers from new builds from 2025 and general advice on how residents can reduce their carbon footprint and heating bills.

The Results

It has been a tremendously successful first year of working together with Boiler Guide and the results from both a link building and wider organic perspective have been significant for their business growth.

Over the first 12 months, they have been able to build over 130 new links into the site with an average domain rating of 48, and this combined with a proactive SEO strategy, has been instrumental in significant ranking improvements and subsequent growth in organic traffic.

As a result of the ranking improvements across the site, year-on-year organic traffic is up 40% and as a result, the parent company has even restructured itself to focus greater attention towards Boiler Guide as a product.

About Impression

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