Intelligent Chemical Containment Demands Intelligent Brand Positioning

Snosko is the market leader in chemical dual containment systems. Offering Australian industries, a range of both dual contained and single walled storage systems for a wide range of applications.

Snosko utilises first principles engineering, Finite Element Modelling (FEM), and rigorous testing regimes to develop innovative, modular, patented solutions which are corrosion-resistant, economical, and designed for easier operator maintenance.

As the business planned to strengthen their position in the market, they reached out to the Viabrand® team to collaborate on a number of growth marketing projects.

Chemical Systems, Built Tough

Snosko’s mission is to provide clients with safe, fit-for-purpose products that cater to their unique needs and protect the environment. Their unique modular solutions are designed to address chemical containment providing a unique opportunity for Viabrand® to reinvent how they talk about issues such as chemical containment, dangerous spill prevention and leak detection.

The process took a focus on the brand position offering, including consistent and strong messaging that would be rolled out through brand marketing touchpoints and campaigns across Search, Social Media and Website.

Systems that work hard for you

As we moved through the process, we delivered better value definition to customers. The key value was that Snosko delivered ‘chemical systems, built tough’. Viabrand® was able to provide tactical methods to communicate this message across extended business touchpoints including:

  • Express Discovery Session
  • Full Brand Positioning & Messaging Strategy
  • Identity Review & Design Recommendations
  • Colour Review & Recommendations
  • Google Business Profile Optimisations
  • LinkedIn Profile Optmisations
  • Social Media Post Templates
  • Full Website Design, Copywriting & Development
  • Campaign Planning and Implementation

End-to-end Solutions for Snosko

Viabrand® was involved in all aspects of the brand positioning – discovery, research, brand strategy, design, copywriting, website development and now campaign implementation.

The results have engineered positive outcomes in creating stronger brand recognition, brand connection (and reconnection), and easily communicating the USPs of Snosko – rigorously tested, engineered to protect people and the environment, corrosion resistant, designed for optimal operator maintenance and products that are safe, effective and economical.

The business continues to grow in confidence in their new brand position and are inspired, confident ready to hit the global market.

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