Impression Resolves In Hospitality Business To Achieve Organic Traffic Increase

Hospitality business delivers 20% organic traffic increase over 9 months.

Leading digital markeging agency, Impression supported hospitality business by increasing organic traffic serving in SEO, content marketing, PPC and digital PR.

The client is a leading events venue for the Midlands, well known for its high quality events and weddings services.

They wanted their website to reflect the style of their offering but felt they were not being as well represented as they could. They were also under Google penalty at the time of engaging Impression and their challenges lay first in getting that penalty removed, and next in helping them grow. In the 9 month period since they started working with Impression, year on year traffic has increased by 20% and their penalty has been removed. They did not have conversion tracking prior to working with them, but conversions have increased each month since their work began.

The challenge

• Remove the existing Google penalty to enable the website to appear in Google’s search results
• Build the authority of the website through the securement of strong, relevant features and links to their site
• Craft an on and off site content strategy which would position them as the leading events venue


The strategy

The strategy had to begin with the removal of the Google manual penalty. While penalty removal isn’t applicable to every business, Impression recognises that there are businesses out there who, often through no direct fault of their own, have fallen into techniques which position them unfavourably with Google.

The agency removed the penalty by Google’s guidelines and the site was once again able to appear in the search results pages. This has a marked impact straight away.

Impression focus was then on improving the website’s authority. Having been under penalty, its off-site footprint needed work and they built a promotional strategy which would secure them features across the web in highly relevant sites. Their targets were the areas of weddings, conferences and parties, as these are key audiences for the brand. They also targeted local news sites and publications to build Goosedale’s local profile.

At the same time, Impression worked on improving the content on existing pages and on adding new pages where relevant. In order to best represent the client, it was essential that each of their services be described through its own dedicated page and that the language, tone and imagery were in line with the look and feel of the physical venue. Impression also improved the metadata and other key elements to help Google understand the value of each page and mark up key information to be presented via the Knowledge Graph and organic listings.

A key element of the overriding strategy was to drive the right people to the right services, taking into account seasonality and budget. Through a process of conversion rate optimisation (CRO), Impression tested different approaches to drive not just more leads but relevant leads.

The results

As well as removal of their Google penalty, the client received as a result of their work with Impression,

• 20% increase in organic traffic year on year
• 20% increase in web leads during the summer months

The agency supported this with seasonal PPC campaigns at key times of year, helping to drive traffic which had a high propensity to buy and resulting in profitable PPC campaigns and strong lead generation impact.