Impression Created an Integrated Strategy for Topps Tiles

Impression’s integrated strategy secures one-third of online market visitors for retailer Topps Tiles through an innovative and collaborative approach.

Topps Tiles prides itself on being the biggest tile retailer in the UK, with over 300 branches across the nation. They sell a huge range of tiles to suit all budgets for every room in the home.

The Challenge

Since 2020, Impression’s SEO and paid media teams have been working with Topps Tiles. Last summer, Topps asked Impression to demonstrate the value of branded paid search versus solely relying on organic search and how both can be integrated to improve overall performance.

Impression’s existing paid search strategy was performing well, however, Impression saw the opportunity to push the account to the next level and help Topps Tiles dominate the market. Topps Tiles wanted them to investigate if paid search activity was cannibalizing organic efforts. If it was, then this would provide the opportunity to invest time and budget elsewhere.

Whilst investigating, Impression also had to ensure:

  • That their efforts did not jeopardize overall revenue and ROAS for the business.
  • That Topps’ wider business goal, to secure one-third of all unique visitors in the market, was still a top priority

The Strategy

Impression set out to produce a robust testing methodology with a view to running this for four weeks, or until statistical significance was achieved. Findings would inform future strategy and determine where time and budget would be best spent moving forward.

Impression monitored activity throughout the testing period, looking at impression volume, branded traffic, CTR, and conversions from the brand term in their control and test locations.

These metrics allowed them to determine whether switching off brand impacted visibility, traffic, and on-site revenue.

How Could Impression Future-Proof Their Insights?

Too often when testing brand incrementality, businesses are sometimes inclined to switch off completely and compare results either vs. the previous period of the previous year. This wouldn’t allow for context to be taken into account.

Impression chose a period where minimal external factors would come into play – stores were back open, lockdown had eased and no sales were running. Therefore, they could compare two test groups within a controlled period, and be confident that the results would sustain relevance.

The Results

Impression successfully achieved significant, actionable results through an innovative and collaborative approach. A test of this nature was entirely new but Impression’s client trusted their judgment.

They achieved 33.3% of unique visitor share, securing one-third of all unique visitors in the market by September 2021 (ahead of December’s target!)

About Impression

Impression is digital growth specialists helping ambitious brands push boundaries and drive impact. They define and deliver integrated digital strategies that transform their clients from market players to market leaders and keep them there.