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Greenpeace’s “The Little Explorer” Film Warns Us About The Arctic Ocean

New Greenpeace film “The Little Explorer” shows the effect of destructive fishing in Arctic Ocean, as part of the “Save the Arctic” campaign.

Save the Arctic is one of Greenpeace’s initiative to protect this part of our planet. Greenpeace calls on companies to stop destructive fishing in the northern Barents Sea and the waters around Svalbard, to protect the ecosystem.

Greenpeace has released a new short film supporting the campaign on its Facebook page. “The Little Explorer” portrays a little girl, building an aquarium in her bedroom. The effect is beautiful – there is a cardboard-made submarine, handmade plants and fishes projected on the sheets.

Girl plays around and explores this magical world until suddenly a giant trawler net appears and destroys everything. Then the tagline “The Arctic dream is becoming a nightmare” appears on screen.

“The Little Explorer” video was created by Don’t Panic London which is the most awarded creative content agency in London, UK.

The agency created a video “Everything is NOT awesome” earlier, also for Save the Arctic initiative, which led to LEGO severing its ties to Shell over the latter’s Arctic drilling.

Isadora Wronski, Arctic campaigner at Greenpeace, said:

The success with Everything is NOT Awesome showed how impactful online video content can be to raise awareness of important issues globally, and drive real engagement. It is vital to secure the future of the Arctic Ocean’s fragile ecosystem, and this video will get that message across to millions worldwide.

Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic initiative also calls on retailers, suppliers and fish restaurants across Europe, not to use suppliers that engage in destructive fishing in the Arctic Ocean.

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