Global Partnerships – Oryx World and Crowd

Crowd has achieved rapid growth since its creation and has acquired global clientele along the way. Crowd has maintained strong relationships with many of their clients, so much so, that they now look at them as global partnerships.

Oryx certainly fits under this longstanding partner label. Crowd and Oryx started working together as soon as Crowd was given life, and to this day they still collaborate on many projects.

Oryx is a diverse company operating in a number of fields. Crowd created the website for their business hub: Oryx World. As well as this, Crowd designed and built their Real Estate, Business Center and Development sites. All of the websites offer faultless simplicity and sleek functionality, with a focus on visual content. Despite the clear differences across all of the projects, Crowd aimed to keep a luxurious theme throughout to reflect the Oryx brand.

Crowd reached out to Oryx MD Ray Hogan to get a better understanding of his thoughts on the continuous work Oryx has done with Crowd.

“I’ve been working with Jamie and the team at Crowd for nearly 10 years! They’re a quality global digital marketing agency and have really helped to engineer the Oryx brand. The websites they’ve built for us have all functioned exceptionally, and the global Crowd team is always available for a call to talk about existing or future projects. Crowd has enabled us to award-winning designs to our customer base and we very much look forward to working together in the future.”

Crowd pride themselves on their ability to adapt and Oryx is another great example of this. With a growing global network of clients; the knowledge and offering Crowd have is ever improving.

About Crowd

Crowd is a creative communications agency with offices in Dubai, London, Bournemouth and San Francisco. Crowd uses creative digital marketing techniques to ensure your marketing message is delivered to the audience you want.