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Future Predictions Of The Next Year’s Business Fields And Their Current Examples From 2017

As 2017 shuts down and we’re making smooth evaluations of the year, we’re also looking ahead for the upcoming year. 

Hopefully, we have some real information, on what is better to define valuable, eligible and sustainable. According to Adweek, 2018 will be the year of DTI, meaning data, technology and innovation. Therefore, we’re giving you the tips from today’s methods of improving your business to the next-level. We’re giving a brief-and-basic trend forecast of the year and as a prediction, will remain its popularity as we believe in 2018.

Don’t hesitate to become a fan of these 8 trends and keep following their latest updates.

Analytics and Data

Using data and analytics is making a comeback in the strategy departments of businesses, and that’s why it’s one of the most powerful things while creating focus groups and target audiences. The information and data being collected leads to a plan where you might come up with a new idea,  oreven a new field of business.

Example: Publicis Groupe’s launch of a new venture called Spine, which is the new business division that will handle data assets across their global media network.

Augmented Reality

AR made its real debut absolutely in 2017. Technology giants like Samsung and Apple are using more AR-based projects and products, while software companies such as Facebook and Google, are developing AR tools to integrate to our mobiles simply. And of course, the cosmetics industry was highly interested in the area, so that almost every brand in the industry joins to make innovation a practice in their company.


Example: As we’re too proud of saying that almost every brand got involved in augmented reality last year, some are very surprising and revolutionary such as the acquisition of an AR-based agency, Fake Love by The New York Times.

Communicational Technologies

Voice technology took over the world with the rollouts of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. To talk in numbers, 20 million devices are already sold out and the number is expected to double in less than a year. Smart household is a very trending topic and using this technology serves to use the most-trending feature, because using voice technologies such as Siri, is the new fingerprint and is highly demanded in the marketplace.



As commanding as Amazon has become, it’s not indispensable. Armed with the right data, partnerships and media strategy, it’s not only possible to survive without Amazon as a direct-to-consumer brand, it’s possible to become a leader. If you take a deeper look at the landscape, there are numerous opportunities for brands to build a stronger presence and bolster their bottom lines.


Example: New delivery methods of the Amazon created an impact to their audience, because of the awkwardness of the smart key system that the company planned to roll out. However, the case shows how far the ecommerce industry can go, and it’s quite far.

Elevated Versions of TV

As we can easily mention, 2017 is the year of the post-cable networks. Such as Netflix, Hulu and the local sources of the different countries, they’re like a guideline for the traditional cable networks and what we’re expecting them to stay in the future.  They started as a niche category but now, they’re the biggest audience channels. As they enrich their content and make them more sustainable, they can settle with the bigger advertisers and eventually, shine more.


New-gen Technologies

Understanding the essentials of human involvement is very important in technology. However right now, even the best AI is directly led by humans because the technology needs to know what it’s looking for. The most trending thing in the automotive business, driverless cars will be vehicles which will prepare to break the rule and take a seat in the marketplace.


Example: Driverless cars.


Customer-based technology is in climax after all these mobile apps emerge, but the real purpose is that, everything is being personalized sooner or later. If a company focuses on getting personalization, customers will be more loyal and feel related to the business or service that they take. So, technology promises to keep it more “personal” in 2018.

Example: Taylor Swift released her own personal app and a fan-based social sharing platform, ‘The Swift Life’. Thanks to the mobile app, she aims to reach out to her fans easier and faster, she even launches her own Taymoji.

‘Smart’ Fashion

We do not mean, wearable technology or smart grooming, but between the two, wearing technology-based fabrics is the top trend in the fashion industry. Recycling materials are also in high-rise, such as Adidas’ Parley ocean-waste plastic sneakers. The future predictions from some sources are, every fashion house will have its own tech-implemented fashion in 2018.


Example: Adidas moved its production plant, Speedfactory back to Germany after 20 years and the robots in the factory will manufacture a series of 3D-printed sneakers.

2018 will be all about how emerging technology moves and how people are engaged with these futuristic approaches, across any industry and any business field. Don’t forget to follow them and mark your favourites, and applicable ones which also fit your business model.

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