Experience The Unexplored: Crowd Wins Roam Account

Crowd is thrilled to announce that they have recently partnered with Roam, a new and innovative luxury Destination Management Company (DMC). Roam was launched in March 2023 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a destination poised for significant change in the travel and luxury exploration industry for Saudi Arabians and global travellers alike.

Crowd is proud to have won the Roam account early in 2023, and Crowd has been tasked with providing social strategy, managing media campaigns, and SEO. Their team attended the launch event of Roam in Saudi Arabia in March 2023, and they was thrilled to witness the passion and excitement surrounding the launch of such an innovative brand.


Crowd is excited to announce that the media campaign for Roam is planned to launch in May 2023, with a focus on creating awareness about the brand and its unique offering. With their expertise in social media, media planning and buying, and SEO, they are confident that they can help Roam achieve its goal of becoming the most trusted luxury travel and tourism brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Crowd looks forward to partnering with Roam and playing a role in their exciting journey ahead.

Created as a joint venture between Cool Inc. and Pelorus, Roam is a brand that embodies adventure, curation, and awe, constantly pushing boundaries and aiming to be bold in all its endeavours. Their dedication to providing unique and extraordinary luxury experiences that exceed expectations sets them apart from other travel companies.


Roam offers a rare opportunity to explore the unexplored and discover untold stories of Saudi Arabia, making them more than just a travel company but a gateway to a new world of exploration. With their commitment to unparalleled luxury experiences, Roam promises to create memories that will last a lifetime for those who embark on a journey with them. As Crowd welcomes Roam as its client, they look forward to partnering with them in bringing their vision to life and introducing their brand to the world.

Roam aims to rewrite the narrative of local tourism in KSA and establish itself as the most trusted luxury travel and tourism brand in the Kingdom. To achieve this, they have built a multi-vertical, product-driven, and service-led business consisting of four key verticals. This approach enables the company to create and provide unique high-end tourism products and services that enhance the tourism infrastructure across the Kingdom.

Their understanding and experience of the local market gives them a distinct advantage over competitors and allows them to manage each client touchpoint, ensuring that standards are maintained from start to finish.