Virtual Brand Marketing Summit 2020

Virtual Brand Marketing Summit 2020 will take place on 1-2 June.

Virtual Brand Marketing Summit 2020 is the must-attend event for those looking to reinvent their marketing and engage their customers.

The Brand Marketing Summit is unable to take place physically, but this doesn’t mean they cant still bring together the world’s leading marketing leaders from the worlds biggest brands. By virtualising the summit they are ensuring that stay connected, share best practice and remain proactive during this most difficult time.

At Virtual Brand Marketing Summit 2020, speakers discuss what it means to be a marketer in 2020 and how to position your brand amidst a backdrop of uncertainty.

Knowing your customers and their journey has become essential to delivering customer engagement. Customer expectations are rising from personalized interactions and an experience that delights, the customer is empowered, and the modern brand needs to rise to the occasion.

The future of marketing depends on possessing a deep understanding of your customer’s needs and providing them with the right interactions, at the right time. Lead the conversation at this year’s Brand Marketing Summit Europe.

Headlining themes include:

  • Engage and inspire,
  • Innovate and justify,
  • Content that resonates with your audience,
  • Know your customer, know their journey.

Join this great virtual event to network, strategize and build partnerships that ensure the bar is continually raised for marketers.

Interested? Check out their official website for more info!This virtual event is organized by Incite Group on 1-2 June 2020.