The PPC Agency Book Launch 2023

The PPC Agency Book Launch will be launched with a special virtual event on the 28th of September, starting at 18:00 (GMT).

The PPC Agency Book will provide agency owners with a comprehensive guide on leveraging pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for continued agency success. The Book covers topics like PPC Agency structure, project management, client relations, reporting, performance optimization, and much more.

The Book covers a comprehensive overview of the PPC marketing industry, examining all aspects, from strategy to execution. It highlights the challenges agencies face and offers guidance on how best to approach them.

The book is also useful for existing PPC marketers, as it provides insight into how they can improve their campaigns.

The Book will be launched on Sep the 28th with a virtual event. Come join us to hear live from the authors and get the book for free.

The Current Contents of the Book are as follows:

  • How to price pass-on services profitably? Marcel Petitpas
  • Cash flow management and accounting best practices for PPC. Nikole Mackenzie
  • How to sell PPC services to your clients? Christian Banach
  • Making the numbers work – pricing and margins for profitability – Janusz Stabik
  • AI and ML in campaign optimization
  • Getting your landing pages right
  • Outsourcing your PPC
  • Reporting ROI to clients
  • From Analytics to insights
  • Managing customer accounts at scale
  • Project managing a multi account PPC agency
  • Localising results for customers