Social Media & Influencer Strategies Summit 2022

Social Media & Influencer Strategies Summit 2022, organized by GSMI, will take place on 7-10 June.

Social Media & Influencer Strategies Summit 2022 is the premier online event for senior marketers like you – a unique opportunity to engage in 2 days of interactive learning and insightful discussion to find solutions to the social media and digital marketing challenges affecting your bottom line.

They provide a unique 4 days of proven social media and influencer marketing strategies from 50 leading brands. You will leave with actionable takeaways across content, storytelling, paid media, video, analytics, strategy, customer service and more. Network one-on-one with top organizations and accelerate your brand across social.

Why You Should Attend?

  • Learn the nuts and bolts of a successful social media strategy to position your brand for success.
  • Assess and audit your current social media initiatives through real-life feedback, discussions and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Learn how to tap into the right influencers for your brand, develop collaborative long-term partnerships, and measure the impact of your campaigns on broader business goals.
  • Experience a unique gathering of senior-level, cross-industry marketers. See what’s driving success at different types of companies that can inspire innovation at your own.

Social Media Strategies & Influencer Summit 2022 is organized by GSMI. It is a leader in the industry of executive education, creating conferences, summits, workshops and training sessions that combine rich learning environments with the opportunity to network.GSMI develops executive conferences, exhibitions and leadership training for the world’s leading business decision-makers. It gives you the tools, network, and confidence to take your career to the next operational level. GSMI events refine the entrepreneurial spirit and tap into powerful technological movements.

Carly Yates, Warner Bros., said that;

This isn’t just for social media professionals. This summit is amazing for the entire marketing, digital, and social team!

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Attend this event and learn from a mix of industry leaders who will share the proven social media strategies they use to grow their brands.

Don’t miss this great event and visit the Social Media & Influencer Strategies Summit website to register!This online event is organized by GSMI on 7-10 June 2022.