Rise of AI Conference 2019

Rise of AI Conference 2019 will take place on the 16th of May in Berlin.

Rise of AI Conference 2019 is the most influential and powerful technology conference for AI in Europe.

The conference has invited 800 AI experts, decision-makers, opinion-leaders and game-changers to discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence on society, politics and economy for five years.

You can learn how to use Artificial Intelligence to increase your companies’ revenue, reduce costs and strengthen your market leadership. Also, you can join sessions with AI researchers, giving insights into their newest findings.

You can meet investors, who provide capital for AI companies or you can learn how they are building national AI ecosystems.

Rise of AI Conference 2019 has speakers who have a clear message, a mission and a vision of the future. You will discover the newest AI teams and startups.

Check out the video to find out more information about Rise of AI Conference 2018:

Benjamin Raethlein, Machine Learning Engineer at SAP, said that;

This was a great conference day I enjoyed much because of the high quality of speakers, the great venue, food and drinks, and the super networking experience.

Rise of AI Conference 2019 offers a full day of strong content, unique networking and memorable experiences.

Topics include:

● Future of AI stage
● Applied AI stage
● AI evoluation stage
● AI world exhibition

The conference will be a unique experience for you with the Rise of AI family.


In 2018, the topic was “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity”.

Over 600 AI experts, entrepreneurs, researchers, thought leaders and opinion makers, politicians and investors will meet and connect for one day in Berlin to discuss the status of Artificial Intelligence and its implications for society and the future implications and how AI can be applied at their business.

Visit www.riseof.ai for more information about Rise of AI Conference 2019.This event is organized by Rise of AI Conference on the 16th of May 2019 in Berlin.