World Summit AI America 2024

World Summit AI America 2024, organized by World Summit AI Ltd, will take place on 24-25 April in Montreal, Canada.

The AI industry is standing on the brink of a seismic shift that threatens to shake the very foundation of our technological existence. Generative AI has unlocked the doors to an infinite realm of possibilities, giving machines the power to create, innovate and mimic human behaviour with startling accuracy.

Who’s coming?

🧠 Tech companies, AI Tech Startups & Scaleups, Academics, Investors & Students.
🧠 CEOs, CTOs, COOs, Founders, Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Officers & Chief Digital Officers.
🧠 VPs, Directors, Heads of AI Machine Learning Data Science Technology Innovation Applied AI
🧠 Scientists, Engineers & Developers
🧠 Investors – progressively minded VCs, Seeds and Angels
🧠 Clinicians and Healthcare professionals

The world’s leading AI summit series welcomed Mila as Content Partner at World Summit AI Americas 2023!

Mila, – Québec Artificial Intelligence Institute is the world’s largest deep learning research institute. Mila will bring its academic expertise to our world-renowned AI Summit, offering first-rate headliners and panels.

Yoshua Bengio, Mila Founder and Scientific Director and Turing prize winner, delivered the opening remarks on the state of AI in 2023 and on the challenges and opportunities that come with a rapidly changing technological lansdscape.

World Summit AI Americas partnered with SAIIL in 2023 to bring you the BIGGEST Intelligent Heath stage in Montréal.

SAIIL, the Surgical Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Laboratory in the Department of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital focuses on the use of artificial intelligence to reimagine the way surgery is performed. SAIIL is a multidisciplinary group composed of surgeons, engineers and data scientists who are passionate about redesigning the delivery of surgical care.

The Intelligent Health Track on 20th April 2023, was chaired and editorially curated by Ozanan Meireles, Surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital; Director MGH SAIIL; Assistant Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School, a globally-renowned expert in this sector.