London SEO Meetup 2024

London SEO Meetup 2024, organized by Blue Array, will take place on 13th June at Shoreditch Town Hall in London.

We are LondonSEO Meetup, the biggest SEO focused meetup happening in the tech capital right now.

Free to attend, regular SEO meetups in London. Join us for an evening of networking with industry peers, leading experts, formidable talent, high-profile speakers and the team from Blue Array.

What is LondonSEO XL?

LondonSEO XL offers cutting-edge insights, expert talks, and invaluable networking opportunities, empowering SEOs and digital marketers to elevate their skills, knowledge, and performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned specialist or a generalist, join us for our day-long event hosted by Blue Array in central London on June 13th, 2024. Want to stay in the loop? Follow our socials to hear about speaker announcements and more.

“Blue Array’s LondonSEO XL conference is a great one-day single-track event covering all areas of SEO. Bringing together big-name SEO experts, agency case studies and client success stories.

I enjoy the smaller size and higher quality of talk compared to the sheer scale of larger conferences which can end up with quite a heavy sales push. I have taken actionable tips from these talks and brought non-SEO marketing colleagues who gained great insight – particularly from the Digital PR talks.”

Angie Rooney – SEO Lead at Yell

Why you shouldn’t miss this

LondonSEO XL is tailored for anyone seeking to enhance their expertise in SEO and digital marketing. Whether you’re a seasoned specialist looking to stay ahead of the curve or a generalist eager to delve deeper into these fields, our event offers invaluable insights and networking opportunities for all.