Intelligent Automation Conference North America 2024

Intelligent Automation Conference North America 2024, organized by TechEx will take place on 5-6 June 2024 at Santa Clara Convention Center in California.


The upcoming co-located TechEx event series, featuring the Intelligent Automation Conference, is scheduled to take place on June 5-6, 2024, in Santa Clara, California. Hosted in the heart of Silicon Valley, the event provides a conducive environment for meaningful engagement and collaboration.

For those looking to stay informed about industry advancements or actively contribute to its evolution, the TechEx event in Santa Clara offers a platform to connect with the latest in Intelligent Automation.

The Intelligent Automation Conference North America will delve into essential topics such as:

Cognitive Automation, RPA, Augmented Workforce, Data and Analysis, Future Trends, Cost Saving Use Cases and more.

“Following the success of the Intelligent Automaton stage in London, we are delighted to unveil the Intelligent Automation Conference as a regular part of the TechEx Event series. This addition reinforces our commitment to providing a holistic platform for discourse and insights across key technology domains.” stated Sophy Searight, Head of the Conference team at TechEx.

Key Highlights of the Intelligent Automation Conference:
Attendees will enjoy access to the Intelligent Automation Conference, the expo floor, and free tracks from collocated events, providing a well-rounded experience for technology enthusiasts. The expo is tailored specifically for B2B engagement, targeting directors and senior managers as its primary audience. This exclusive event provides attendees with the opportunity to delve into cutting-edge
technologies, forge connections with key industry figures, and remain at the forefront of innovation.


What’s more, as a collocated event, the Intelligent Automation Conference will converge with the TechEx event series, offering attendees a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Intelligent Automation alongside other cutting-edge technology domains including Cyber Security &
Cloud, AI & Big Data, IoT, Unified Communications, Digital Transformations and Edge Computing.

Who Attends:
The Intelligent Automation Conference aims to attract a distinguished audience of senior-level professionals, including Senior Intelligent Automation Engineers, Lead Automation Architects, Senior Managers of Automation Technology, Advanced AI Integration Specialists, Strategic Automation Solutions Directors, Senior Robotics Process Automation Developers, IT Executives, Intelligent
Process Automation Strategists, Automation Analysts with senior expertise, and Directors actively involved in the innovation, implementation, and strategic leadership of intelligent automation initiatives.

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About TechEx Events:

The TechEx Event series serves as a prominent platform for technology enthusiasts and industry leaders, uniting diverse industries for comprehensive discussions and insights across key technology domains. Held annually in Santa Clara, Amsterdam, and London, this international exhibition and conference series attracts a global audience of professionals and experts in cutting-edge technologies.

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