Digital Copenhagen 2019

Digital Copenhagen 2019 will take place on the 27th of November at the Tivoli Congress Center.

Discount: 500 DKKDigital Copenhagen 2019 is your portal to understanding customers and emerging technologies in the digital era with more than 25 industry-leading speakers and a +600 networking experience. At this year’s conference, you’ll get insights and inspiration to foster the products, brands, and talents of the future.

Join the dots between technology and human creativity to steer the evolution of digital life and to finally articulate tomorrow’s marketing playbook by exploiting: Meaning, Innovation and Growth.

If you are a business leader, a marketing professional in any industry or simply a curious and aware individual, attending this conference will challenge and inspire you to take stock and rethink your marketing strategies in the post-human world.

Speakers Include:


Why You Should Attend?

  • Become a meaningful and purpose-driven brand that creates emotional customer-brand relationships through relevant and personal content and campaigns.
  • Out-innovate your competitors – not just uncovering unmet customer needs to find profitable white spaces but also using technology to enter new markets or go to market in new ways.
  • Drive growth and the next wave of technology through human augmentation. The future of work reflects shifting paradigms in the working world spurred by technology and changing demographics.
  • Before leaving the event, you’ll receive a handout of Digital Copenhagen’s “Tomorrow’s Marketing Playbook”. The playbook contains speaker reviews and testimonials, enabling you to fuel your growth engine and starting your growth transformation journey.

DAN readers will get a 500 DKK discount on conference tickets. Enter discount code “DAN19” at checkout.

Interested? For event agenda and tickets, click here.This event is organized by Dansk Markedsføring on the 27th of November in Copenhagen.