Digital Asset Management Summit 2019 – DAM Summit

Digital Asset Management Summit 2019 will take place on 24-25 January at the AMA Conference Center in New York.

Digital Asset Management Summit 2019 will focus on providing the solutions you need to stay ahead of the growing challenges you face through peer-led sessions with expert thought leaders from a range of industries.

Digital Asset Management Summit 2019 will help you to expand your professional circle with superior senior-level networking and improve your digital assets’ usability through improved metadata and semantic networks. You can protect your organization from costly usage violations by understanding how best to manage rights data.

At this great summit, you will also discover how your DAM team measures against others in your field during an interactive DAM maturity model assessment. Then you will find out how to mature your practice in a strategic way.


Topics include:

• The importance of UX (user experience) and how to improve user adoption
• The future of metadata: machine-enhanced tagging using AI
• The growing importance of DAM within the organization, how it can provide more value
• Integrating your DAM with other platforms to drive greater efficiency and ease of use
• Preserving and leveraging your brand history through digital asset management

Digital Asset Management Summit 2019 is organized by Insight Exchange Network which focuses on the latest niche topics by hosting events with valuable take aways to achieve your next breakthrough and turbo-charge your competitive game.

Insight Exchange Network’s mission is to bring you actionable insights and intelligence to boost your business results.

Visit the website to learn more about event information.This event is organized by Insight Exchange Network on 24-25 January 2019 in New York.