AI World Congress Las Vegas 2018

The AI World Congress 2018 Las Vegas will take place on 3-4 May at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The AI Congres Las Vegas 2018 will bring together hundreds of leading enterprises from across America to look at how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is changing how we do business.

The event will provide high level presentations, real life examples and hands on advice from business leaders of America’s largest companies, discussing how they are adapting and benefiting from the advances of AI.

Over 60 speakers from Fortune 500 companies will be discussing real life exampThe AI World Congress 2018 Las Vegas will take place on 3-4 May at the Four Seasons Hotel.les of how they are adapting and preparing for the changes brought by AI.

Speaker Companies Include:


The show will be providing a practical analysis of how businesses are changing, how AI can be effectively monetized, the cost saving practices achieved through AI, the ever growing opportunities for enterprises, practical implementation, risks and challenges faced with implementation and how enterprises can adapt to take advantage of the growing opportunities presented by artificial intelligence.

The AI World Congress Las Vegas 2018 is organised by Oliver Kinross, who are world renowned organisers of business events. Their head office is located in Shoreditch, London, with an Asia-Pacific office in Hong Kong.

The AI World Congress Las Vegas 2018 includes case studies from leading firms discussing the application of AI in the enterprise, contract opportunities, investment opportunities and more. The show is a must attend for any business that is currently trying to understand how AI will affect their company.

The event will provide an innovative forum to discuss, engage, challenge and discover the incredible opportunities in AI.

For more details and registration visit the event website.

Spaces are limited, get yours before it’s too late!This event is organized by Oliver Kinross
on 3-4 May 2018,
in Las Vegas.