Advertising Week 2020 – Virtual Edition

Advertising Week 2020 – Virtual Edition, a reimagined virtual event for a global audience, taking place Sept 29-Oct 8.

Advertising Week 2020 is a new digital-first experience with a laser focus on getting back to business, purpose-driven connections, and global scale mixed with local reach. This inspirational global gathering will feature the trademark thought leadership excellence of Advertising Week, networking and business generation, education, inspiration, and entertainment – all in a digital environment.

AW2020 is a reimagined virtual event for a global audience. The agenda is purpose-built to bring the marketing, media, technology, and creative industries together to drive change.

Speakers Include:


Who is This Event For?

AW2020 is intended for a global audience of marketers – across brands, agencies, tech companies, media companies, SMBs, and entrepreneurs. The content and opportunities are available and accessible for all levels, from students to the executive level.
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Advertising Week 2020 is organized by Stillwell Partners which is a global boutique consultancy focused on the confluence of experience, education and engagement and is best known as the founding organizer of Advertising Week.

Don’t miss this great event and visit the event website for more information.This virtual event is organized by Stillwell Partners on Sep 38- Oct 8, 2020.