Elespacio Ran Global Always On Retargeting Campaign With Nespresso

Data is the best possible vitamin intake you could possibly enrich your digital creative campaign with. Your ads can react to many different types of signals on real-time. Audiences, weather, context or behaviour are just to name a few. Discover how Elespacio helped Nespresso sell more coffee, machines and accessories using behaviour signals.

The Goal

Elespacio, as a Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner, has been working with Nespresso markets to build dynamic retargeting campaigns based on Google technology. The framework Elespacio built for them is an always-on tool that delivers customized messages to users who have engaged with Nespresso’s website, with the aim of bringing them back to the site and closing conversions for coffee, machines and accessories.

The dynamic framework allows Nespresso markets to activate different retargeting campaigns, with both generic and campaign-specific messages targeting specific audiences (coffee, machine and accessories users), and have them run in parallel.

It’s also possible to A/B test the creative while optimizing performances on the go. As well as displaying products that users had seen, added to cart or purchased, it can integrate complex creative strategies based on data signals such as the weather, day-parting and geo-location to show personalized ads.

All together now

It was, as ever, a collaborative process. Acting as the creative agency, Elespacio worked with the client and the markets performance agency to define the retargeting strategy, find out the requirements and definitions for the campaign, and plan for production.

Once the strategy was clear, Elespacio’s task was to create the storyboards, the dynamic HTML templates and the asset library, and design and populate the feed. Then, they set up the dynamic profile and carried out quality assurance.

Getting creative

While Elespacio’s technical team worked on the feed, their designers got to work on the storyboards. They devised a range of retargeting messages, from the generic, based around the coffee or the machines, to the campaign-specific focusing on Black Friday or Awaken Your Senses.

Once the designs were approved, Elespacio started to produce the assets that would populate the dynamic banners – between 200 and 300 assets per campaign. To produce this huge number of assets, they had to work smart and efficiently, so they created a complex automated source file monitored by a rigorous QA process.

The dynamic framework

While the creative work was going on, Elespacio’s technical team built a dynamic feed based on Google technology, robust enough to accommodate several campaigns running at the same time. This dynamic feed builds audiences from remarketing data using floodlights (it can also use other platforms such as GA 360 or DBM) and relies on moments to trigger and stop messages automatically. You can also split the budget for two or more campaigns that share the same audience, such as homepage visitors.

The dynamic feed checklist:

• Period
Sets start and end date for campaigns

• Schedule
Sets daily slots (morning, afternoon and evening)

• User interaction
Defines the floodlights values for key user interactions (viewed page, added product)

• Banner Data
Defines the floodlights values for key user interactions (viewed page, added product)

• Campaign Set-up
Defines banner sizes, asset library location and values for banner animation, number of frames, loops, etc.

Always on and always fresh
Elespacio faced an interesting challenge with this project. How do they produce creative that’s always on at the same time as being interesting, non-repetitive and relevant?

The answer was to design and develop a template with a robust HTML structure that was flexible enough to display unique-looking ads, no matter the campaign. Animations were dynamically triggered through an independent file and each campaign had its own unique style, look and feel.

The dynamic template

• Logotype
Nespresso branding usually has a fixed position but it can be adapted

• Imagery
All assets are dynamically pulled from the asset library, and each campaign has its own set of unique images

• Claim
Each opening frame has a unique message

Elespacio made the call to action stand out by adding a unique background and hover colour for each frame

Ana Barral, the Media & Digital Marketing Specialist at NESPRESSO said:

Setting up the dynamic campaign was a real challenge; it started off as something small, built for the purpose of testing and then it turned out into a great project. Our local and international campaigns reported back good results. The positive outcome is a direct consequence of Elespacio’s proficient work in collaboration with NeoOgilvy and their skilful planning of campaigns and audiences.

The results are in

When comparing a conventional retargeting campaign from 2017 with the dynamic retargeting ads of 2018, there is a significant increase in the KPIs across the board. It’s official: better targeted and personalized messages lead to better results!

  • Impressions 52% increase
  • Total conversions 51% increase
  • CTR 23% increase

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