DAN Members Speak at Agency Growth Events

With less than a week to go until Agency Growth Events Season ONE kick-off, let’s look at how Digital Agency Network and our member Agencies contribute to AGE’s content program.

As AGE’s Community Partner, Digital Agency Network has been involved in the decisions that shaped Agency Growth Events’ content program from the very early days, from the topics covered in Season ONE to the speakers that deliver them. Let’s take a closer look at both.

Camp One – All about Growth

Agency Growth Events’ first event, Camp ONE: ‘All about Growth’, takes place on October 14th and will feature six speakers over four sessions. Piers Bearne delivers the opening keynote on ‘Smart Value Creation’, where he’ll lay out the Broccolis and the Push-ups that grow businesses.

As in the Agency Growth Events way, every content session is interlaced with QuickFire networking sessions, which mimic the real-life coffee breaks of conferences where you get to meet people quickly. Here’s a link to find out more about this innovative way to network.

The next session is delivered by a friend of DAN, Peter Czapp of The Wow Company. Peter will share his recipe on how to build a ‘Super Profitable Agency’ in his usual fashion: sharp.

These two keynotes are followed by a panel hosted by Precision Communities’ Co-Founder & CEO, Dr. Baris Onay. The panel will feature Lee Goff, the founder of Marketing Agency Coach, and Roland Gurney, Founder and Sr. Copywriter at Treacle Copywriters. The trio of panelists will provide insights into ‘How to win Clients with the Right Copy and by Productising Your Agency’.

This action-packed day will come to a close with a DAN Member keynote by Jamie Sergeant, Global CEO of Crowd, sharing his learnings on internationalizing businesses.

Here’s a link for securing your seat at this great event with exclusive Free access for DAN members

If you’re interested in Season wide access, we’ve secured special prices for DAN Members too.

Camp Two – There’s More than One Way to Grow!

The second event of Season ONE is titled: There’s more than one way to Grow! And it’s a look into the world of corporate development. We’ll hear about Exit planning, when and why to go for M&A, how to expand in Europe, and an alternative take on mergers. A definite must attend, so mark your calendars for November 16th. Without spoiling too much, let’s look at a star-studded DAN Member cast shaping Camp Two:

Scott Leff, Co-Owner of the TobinLeff M&A exit strategic planning consultancy, will share his key takeaways on how to plan your exit from day one, built on his years of experience helping Agency owners monetize their companies and assets.

DAN Member Theo Green, Chief Growth Officer of Brave Bison, delivers the day’s second keynote. He’ll elaborate on ‘Why and When’ BraveBison chooses to grow through acquisition, as was the case with the recent addition of Greenlight.

Theo is followed by another DAN member, Jet Weevers, Managing Director of Crowd in the Netherlands. She’ll share her insight into how the European market is much more diverse than it looks from the outside and how you should approach this huge region if you’re serious about expanding here.

The closing panel of Camp TWO is also delivered by a DAN Member agency, or rather agencies: Bellman and Emote from The Big Picture Group from Australia. We’ll get a chance to hear from the dynamic trio Tanya Di Giacomo, General Manager; Ben Wheelhouse, Marketing Services Director; and Boyd Roberts, Group Director on how they’ve gone the other way and went from operating one agency to two agencies.

The Summit

The third and closing 2-day event of Agency Growth Events Season ONE is the BRAND SUMMIT, where all the content is curated to cater to Brand Marketers and the Digital Agencies in attendance that will have the opportunity to network with the former. Topics like ‘Brand Purpose’, ‘Culture vs Strategy’, ‘Growth Marketing’ and ‘Future of Events’ are all in the mix, but we’d like to focus on yet another DAN Member delivering a key speech at the SUMMIT:

Emma Glazier, Global Head of Marketing at Crowd, will share her views on the ‘Power of Community’, something the organizing company behind AGE, Precision Communities, is equally passionate about.

We’re excited to see so many DAN Members speaking at Agency Growth Events Season ONE and can’t wait to attend all these sessions starting on October 14th. Secure your Season Pass, visit the DAN virtual booth at Agency Growth Events and talk to our team live at all three events.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.