DAN Case Study: Productive Received 200 Qualified Leads and 25 Customer Agencies as a DAN Member

We are proud to present the results of another successful collaboration. Agency management software Productive received 200 qualified leads and 25 customer agencies as a DAN member.

Productive, one of the Digital Agency Network member SaaS tools since 2021, was searching for a space that provides continuous visibility in the industry and a platform they can use as an interface to connect and work with agencies. Recently we came together with Productive for a case study, to learn more about how their DAN membership affected the ways in which they attract clients.

Over the course of their first year, in addition to 200 qualified leads and 25 customer agencies during their membership to date, Productive reported that their online visibility and brand awareness significantly increased, and they have acquired an extensive network in the digital community of marketers as a long-term benefit.
They acquired their customers through DAN’s Featured Tool Ads, e-guide sponsorship packages, monthly publications, and category listings.

You can download our case study below to learn more about how DAN and Productive embarked on a fruitful relationship over the last year.