Crowd Explains How Business Travel Will Sync with Ethical Travel

Globetrender’s recent survey of 2,000 regular business travellers found that despite the increase in video-calling, the majority of people still believe that face-to-face meetings are preferable.

It’s Crowd‘s universal desire to connect with fellow humans that matters – be it for business or for pleasure. And that is why business travel will do more than survive in the long term.

The travel and hospitality sector has adapted to everything that has happened and Crowd will adapt to everything that will happen ahead.

All you have to do is ask hoteliers. As Philip Chambers, General Manager at the K+K George Hotel Kensington told Amplify Travel & Tourism magazine said:

We are working hard to create hospitality products that encourage business traveller to spend more time with them. We will emerge from the current crisis with the energy and creativity which has kept it growing for more than a century

Themes for 2021

Crowd look forward to travelling for business but believe that it will be less frequent and more intense. Business travellers like them will need to justify their travel for commercial, personal and ethical reasons in a way never seen before.

Crowd will still need to meet new clients, build the foundations for future relationships, and complete complex deals and projects. But Crowd will have to justify the business case for travel and assure their partners and families that the work cannot be done any other way – or take them with them.

Crowd also need to think if a journey justifies the carbon footprint it creates.

Longer stays will be more popular. After the initial shock of Covid-19, Crowd embraced working from home, spending more time with their families and getting involved with their communities. Crowd swapped the commute for exercise and well-being – and theoretically had more time to do the things they love, because they spent less time commuting.

Crowd think a new synthesis will emerge from all of these strands that offers business people the best of both worlds – a flexible work-world, and time to enjoy business tourism with the blessing of the companies that Crowd work for.

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