Checklist for Promoting Your Web3 Project

Digital marketing for Web3 projects has always differed from the usual Web2 digital marketing in that it implies the use of blockchain-related technologies, as well as the advantages of AI and IoT.

Therefore, after numerous assistance in promoting Web3 projects, the Coinband team has formulated a comprehensive checklist.

10 Worthy Tips on Web3 Marketing

Would you like to make your project viral? If so, you should consider the ten recommendations below.

Find Out Who Your Target Audience Is

The first place to start any marketing strategy is to determine the target audience of your project. In particular, the definition of target audience means an analysis of the goals, pain points, interests, and needs of your potential users. You should also make up their demographic characteristics – age, gender, social status, location, etc. All this information will help you understand which approach to promoting your project will work best.

Build an End-To-End Content Strategy

The information obtained in the previous step will become the basis for your content strategy, within which you will need to talk about the advantages of your project, as well as highlight its unique selling point (USP). In general, such a strategy usually includes regularly filling the blog with new relevant content, preparing technical documentation for the project, marketing on social networks, etc. In each of these cases, the key goals of your strategy should be:

  • Getting reactions to your content;
  • Converting newcomers into members of your community;
  • Creating a fear of leaving this community due to the possibility of missing out on something useful.

You should also introduce experts who will break down your project and its advantages brick by brick – this way, your audience will understand that the community is headed by real professionals.

Develop a Website

The main digital representation of any Web3 project is its website. Indeed, as practice shows, only a few, at the stage of familiarization with the project, begin to analyze the whitepaper and technical documentation in detail. Instead, they visit a website where its essence, goals, and deadlines for achieving them are defined. That’s why it makes sense when developing such a website to focus on design and not prepare it for scaling and other advanced updates.

To summarize the above, you will need to place on your website:

  • Introductory video
  • Description of the project (brief and slightly more detailed)
  • Short presentation of team members
  • Links to social networks
  • Whitepaper 
  • Project roadmap
  • Tokenomics description

And, of course, don’t forget about SEO to be able to attract your target audience through organic search.

Build a Community

A strong community united by a single desire – to develop and support your project – can do real miracles for your marketing, practically taking responsibility for the correct presentation of your project to the public and increasing its general awareness. These communities typically live on Discord or Telegram, but, depending on the demographics of your audience, you may also choose Twitter, Reddit, or any other multi-user platform for your community management.

Create a PR Strategy

The basis of any successful PR strategy is always the recommendation of your project to its target audience by third parties, such as influencers, industry experts, journalists, etc. In general, who and how you will attract to popularize your project usually depends only on the budget allocated for this type of marketing.

Use Paid Advertising

Paid advertising often becomes one of the main sources for increasing awareness of your project within both search engines and private social platforms. What’s more, tools like Google Ads and Reddit Ads allow marketers to gain real-time insights into the performance of deployed campaigns so you can adjust them if needed to ensure maximum return on investment.

Collaborate with Influencers

Identifying at least a few influencers in your business niche and collaborating with them will help your audience learn about your project “from third-hand knowledge”. Thus, all information about the product will not look too “advertising”, as happens when a product or service is published by representatives of the brand that produces it. Therefore, influencer marketing increases the level of trust in it and attracts new users.

Make the Most Out of Analytics

Analytics tools will help you understand how effective the actions you have taken to promote your project are and adjust your further strategy correctly. This way, you will be able to spend fewer resources on your marketing, and its efficiency will gradually increase.

Communicate with Your Audience

The main driving force for the growth of the community is active interaction with its all participants. To do this, you can regularly conduct surveys, respond to their comments, introduce bounties, etc. You can also notify them about updates and the completion of the next stage of project development.

Engage People with NFT

If your project, even in the most basic way, can be intertwined with NFT, try using this connection in marketing. In particular, NFTs will be able to encourage your community to expand and tell those who don’t know about your project.

Final Thoughts

Summarizing the above, you can understand that behind the promotion of any Web3 project, there is always a detailed strategy covering all types of digital marketing. Because of this, choosing and implementing such a strategy on your own can be a difficult task, as it will require comprehensive expertise from you and your team. That is why it is better to delegate such tasks to third-party specialists.

If you are just looking for such specialists, contact Coinband, and we will do our best to popularize your Web3 project.