Blank & Co. Created a High-End Experience for Taché Pistachio Milk

Blank & Co. created a high-end experience for the launch of a plant-based pistachio milk brand Taché Pistachio Milk, setting them up to be a pioneer and disruptor in this space.


Taché Pistachio Milk is a female-founded, sustainability-guided business innovating the plant-based milk category based in New York. Taché Pistachio Milk is dedicated to manufacturing environmentally friendly products.


Taché Pistachio Milk is a higher-priced alternative in the plant-based milk category and the challenge was to design a digital experience that would showcase the value and quality of the product.


The Blank & Co. team used a lot of movement and animations, executing them smoothly on the development side to give the user a feeling of tasting the milk while exploring the site.

The aim was to immerse the user into the experience and Blank & Co. achieved it by using CTA buttons that have movement of green color milk filling up the button, animations where the milk is flowing, rotating iconography on a scroll, and beautiful icons to showcase Plant-Based, Vegan, Non-GMO and Gluten-Free benefits of the product.

The value proposition of the brand was highlighted by educating people that pistachio milk is better for the environment and uses a fraction of the water needed to make other plant-based milk like Almond Milk.


Approach – Selecting a Platform

The Blank & Co. team chose Shopify to create a Taché eCommerce website that was beautiful to look at and easy to navigate. They selected Shopify after learning about the client’s needs and how flexible they wanted the structure to be. With better security features, its reliability, and its included server costs, Shopify was an obvious pick.

Key Features


Taché introduced the recurring option for the end-user to subscribe to the product for 2/4/6 weeks at launch.

Custom Product Pages with Appealing Animation

The Built team created product pages specially designed to fit the brand’s aesthetic and highlight the value proposition.


The Mini cart helps users easily access the products they have chosen and add or remove items.

Sticky Cart on PDP Page

To provide ease of access to the client, the Built team created a custom sticky Add to cart option. This allows the user to add a product to the cart even after scrolling down to the page & not prompting them to go up again, thus helping in increasing sales.


Blank & Co. designed and developed the Wishlist icon + Page for Taché, allowing users to save their favorite items and easily add them to the cart from the wishlist page once they decide the best option.

Store Locator Maps

For customers who prefer shopping offline, they added a stockists locator page. The page lets users find Tache stores across the USA.


Quick shops are a staple feature on most eCommerce stores these days. That’s because they give the user easy access to select items. Blank & Co. designed the Quick view to be easy to access and view.

Klaviyo Integration for Marketing

The Built team set up the Klaviyo marketing tool for effective email capturing methods across the website and also helping in user onboarding before the brand’s launch.

About Blank & Co.

Blank & Co. is a full-service e-commerce agency with a diverse portfolio of clients and a data-driven approach to design, building user experiences for higher conversions and more sales.