Buckle Up for 2023: Leveraging Partner Marketing for Sustainable Growth

In recent years, we have seen a large increase in online startups and small businesses. Shifting to eCommerce has resulted in opportunities to drive revenue and sales beyond the classic channels of search and display, including new channels like social media marketing, influencer marketing and partner marketing. 

Going into the next phase of their growth cycle, these businesses are actively looking for expertise and skills to help and facilitate the growth needs through digital channels. This brings a big opportunity for digital agencies and consultants. 

As one of the most cost-effective digital marketing channels out there, partner marketing facilitates organic growth acceleration through limitless partnerships on a cost-per-sale base which gives advertisers and agencies the confidence to invest time and budget in the channel. 

The opportunity for agencies to help small and medium-sized advertisers is driven by four core needs and developments.

Increase of budget

Businesses are actively looking for ways and guidance to invest budget into their growth and trying to understand which channels can help achieve ambitious goals. 

Need for diversification

The aforementioned, more classic channels have often been exhausted or can become too expensive at times. With many different digital marketing channels out there, it can become overwhelmingly difficult to decide which to invest in, understanding the relationship between them in the customer journey and what incremental value they drive to the overall performance. 

Training and upskilling 

The IAB PoweringUp study discovered that 40% of SMEs lack the confidence and knowledge to fully utilise digital marketing tactics. These businesses are actively looking for outside help via agencies and consultants so they can utilise expert knowledge and capabilities to fuel their growth.   

Content simplification

The digital marketing landscape can be full of jargon and abbreviations unknown to the untrained marketeer. Dejargonising content will help business owners and decision-makers understand how different channels can help their growth needs and gain trust to make the right decisions.  

Growing your agency through partner marketing

The cost-per-sale nature of partner marketing remains the most important driver for agencies to learn the skill and drive significant volume for clients. Partner marketing offers full flexibility to pick and choose the partners to build long-term, valuable relationships with. The low-cost nature of Awin Access as a self-service proposition allows agencies to smoothly and safely launch advertiser programmes and start generating incremental revenue within days. 

Awin Access has received a lot of positive feedback from all types of agencies, as well as the strategic support and training that is offered to help agencies succeed. 

The Awin team recently launched an Awin Access agency guide which should help agencies understand how Awin Access can work for them in driving traffic and conversion for clients. The Awin Access platform enables that simply through access to thousands of active partners. 

What data and insights are available

Naturally, data and insights are key for agencies and advertisers to make decisions on where to spend their budget and time. Having thousands of clients across multiple sectors and verticals, Awin is able to generate key insights and metrics such as active partners, traffic driven, turnover generated, average order value, and much more. These results help clients understand the value an agency can drive for them or whether certain strategies need adjustment. Insights help visualise which high-quality partners are most relevant for a specific niche, and gives client ease of mind that they are in good hands. 

The Awin Access Agency Guide

The Awin Access Agency guide Growth Book provides information, insights, and examples from a best-in-class partner marketing solution and is there for all agency types and consultants who are serious about generating value with partner marketing.

The guide provides in-depth coverage of topics such as key industry figures, the Awin Access story, certification, pricing, and more. Agency owners who contact to Awin will receive a free consultation and training to understand how partner marketing can work for your agency. 

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