Brave Bison Welcomes Sleek to Their Portfolio of Snapchat Shows

2021 was an epic year for Brave Bison’s Snapchat team. They launched 6 new shows, gaining over 3 billion views and over a million new subscribers.

And Brave Bison is kicking 2022 off in style (excuse the pun!) by adding hairstyling show Sleek to their Snapchat Discover portfolio.

Sleek aims to be at the forefront of Snap shows in women’s hairstyling content, showing a diverse range of trends and styles for the Gen Z audience.

All of the show’s content has been repurposed specifically for Snapchat Discover and each episode is around 3 minutes long. Each week, Sleek showcases the best content creators styling women’s hairstyles and cuts into works of art.

Brave Bison is thrilled that Sleek is joining the likes of Slick, Art Ink, and Fit Formula as Brave Bison’s 11th Snapchat show.

About Brave Bison

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