Brave Bison Takes Action to Change the Perception of Skin Tone Inequality

Brave Bison and Johnson & Johnson collaborated to create an optimistic and inspiring social video campaign to challenge skin tone discrimination in India.

The Brief

Johnson & Johnson skincare brand, Clean & Clear, wanted to produce an optimistic and inspiring social video campaign to help challenge skin tone discrimination in India, where “fairer is better” is still a widespread belief. Brave Bison partnered with J&J and creator Sejal Kumar to bust the belief that “fairer is better” – a view still prevalent in some Indian societies.

Brave Bison’s Response

Brave Bison’s client had a product with a purpose; to make every consumer’s skin glow, regardless of tone. They wanted to trial the use of an influencer, looking for guidance from them on how best to use Key Opinion Leaders to disseminate a message across social platforms.

To tackle this, Brave Bison collaborated with creator Sejal Kumar to create a series of social posts as well as a hero video to communicate the real stories, experiences, and attitudes of real Indian teens, from all backgrounds.

What Brave Bison discovered was that no matter their circumstances, many of them faced the same struggles, assumptions, and discrimination when it came to skin tone. The result was a cinematic film, featuring Sejal as she journeys across India. It begins with a funny montage of our girls reading out and responding to ludicrous, stereotypical comments about skin tone. It ends with Sejal exploring how to challenge this issue.

The Results

The video received an overwhelmingly positive response. Sejal became a real advocate for raising awareness of the problem and took it upon herself to start a movement with social posts, encouraging her fans (Clean & Clear’s target audience) to share their personal experiences.

The Hero campaign video, along with a behind-the-scenes vlog from Sejal, received over 246k views, 16k likes, and 1.2k comments.

Sejal’s Instagram stories received over 4 million views. Her Instagram poll asking fans if they’d ever faced skin tone discrimination achieved over 108k impressions. Sejal’s Instagram videos also received over 101k views, 196k likes, and 780 comments.

About Brave Bison

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