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Braille Neue Is A New Typeface Combining Visual Letters With Braille

Braille Neue is a new typeface, which can be used by both sighted and blind people.

Combining braille, a tactile writing system used by people who are visually impaired, with the existing characters, new Braille Neue is designed by Japanese designer Kosuke Takahashi.

The inclusive typeface consists of two typesets Braille Neue Standard and Braille Neue Outline for English alphabet and Japanese & English alphabet respectively.

braille-neue-standard-typeface Braille Neue Standard

braille-neue-outline-typeface-english-japanese Braille Neue Outline

One of the main reasons that Japanese designer came up with this new typeface is the rare usage of classic braille in the public spaces. Barille usually occupies additional space and this is why new Braille Neue is easy to use to create more spaces for the blind.


As Takahashi also shared on Braille Neue’s website, he also conducted a research in order to see if braille can be implemented in new ways such as expanding spatially into public signage. According to his findings, the typeface is possible to read as long as there is 6 dotted patterns.


Creating such a font is not the first try to make communication easier with the same typeface for both sighted and un-sighted people. However, Takahashi came up with a clearer version for this  method which also includes Japanese fonts and eligible to be used especially in public areas more frequently.

Here you can see the previous examples of successfully designed braille and Latin alphabet combinations:

Blind Words (2015) – Nuria López

Braille Fonts (2014) – Larysa Kurak

Kosuke Takahashi aims to use Braille Neue for Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics 2020 so that all people can have access to information at such a universal event.

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