Beyond Raises Awareness of Mental Health

Beyond took some time out to take care of themselves and each other on the World Mental Health Awareness Day – 10 October.

10 October is dedicated as World Mental Health Awareness Day. It aims to raise awareness of mental disorders. Mental health means psychological well-being. It affects the way you feel and also the way you feel. With the awareness, the main objective is to get more support from the health authorities in order to promote mental health and to prevent suicides.

Based on the research conveyed by WHO (World Health Organization), every year more than 800,000 people commit suicide all around the world. It has become more serious in the last few decades. Mental illnesses have become the major cause of death between the ages fifteen and twenty-nine. There can be a lot of reasons of suicide such as neglect, brain injury, an unexpected loss (for example, a parent’s death), depression, sexual abuse, substance abuse and genetics.

Here are some of the mental health disorders which you might have heard before: bipolar disorder, persistent depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), major depressive disorder (MDD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), schizophrenia, social anxiety disorder.

In order to avoid mental health illnesses, you can follow these tips: do sports, get enough sleep, eat healthy, spend more time with your beloved ones and consult a professional if needed.

Beyond took some time out to listen to each other in the office, and offer support who needs it. Considering the fact that someone commits suicide every 40 seconds, Beyond promoted mental health awareness with the hashtag #40seconds .

Remember, suicide can be prevented! People with mental health disorders just seek help from the people around them. Now, it is being acknowledged by more and more people thanks to the Mental Health Awareness Day – 10 October. If you are aware of the mental illnesses, you can recognize and help more to the person in need.

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