Beyond Designs Engaging Learning Experiences That Deliver Great Results

Beyond can help you create, launch and grow an impactful learning programme to educate your customers about your product and drive up adoption.

Their expertise, which comes from long-standing training partnerships with leading technology companies, has fuelled engaging, award-winning work spanning employee and customer experiences across industries.

They do learning and development work with standout brands


They build learning programmes like digital products

A product mindset allows them to design learning experiences, not just educational content. Evidence shows that the best learning experiences are multidimensional, so they build their learning programmes with multidisciplinary product teams.

Learning expertise

Their strategy is shaped by the science of adult learning. They bring best practices and principles to the table.


To them, content is more than copywriting. They create active learning experiences that drive outcomes.


They know how to get the most out of Learning Management Systems and build custom platforms, too.


From user experience design to content layout to programme identity, they bring branded learning to life.


They keep a pulse on learner progress, using data across systems to inform programme direction and growth.

They focus on user needs to get results

They believe when you give learners the educational experience they want, you increase the likelihood of getting organisational outcomes.

By understanding learners’ motivations, they move the metrics that unlock their clients’ goals. Using human-centred design, they’ve created a formula that enables them to create programmes with measurable effect.

Their formula

  • Brand advocacy
  • Behaviour change
  • Impact

They build learning programmes for multiple audiences

  • Advertisers and marketers
  • Retailers and sales associates
  • Employees


What they’ve done

They built an award-winning learning experience with Mailchimp.

About Beyond

Beyond is a design and technology agency that builds world-class products for the digital age.