Best 7 Free Time Tracking Tools In 2024

If you don’t know the employee’s non-productive work hours, it is pretty clear that it will cost you a lot. Once you get this information, it can easily be turned into increasing productivity. So how can you get this? A good time tracking tool that suits your needs best will make the process easier both for you and your teammates. Let’s get started!

One of the surveys tells us the amount of time spent on productive tasks is 2.8 hours. It is such a low rate, isn’t it? When we consider that we spend half of our day working, it is obvious that we spend more time on non-productive tasks. So we may need to focus on how we can enrich the productive time and also make the non-productive ones more efficient.

Things we need to do first are to analyze what time we actually spent working during a week and how much of that is efficient. Time tracking software can easily measure this for sure.

Also, a time tracking app allows you to know how you and your team members spend their time each workday. The same thing goes for tracking projects as well. Project managers use a time tracker alongside other management tools for conducting all projects and tasks, as they would like to ensure everything is fine and on time. If you are looking for the right solution for managing your projects, there is ClickUp vs. comparison guide for you too. Going back to the subject, these two topics meet on a common ground which is boosting up productivity.

What is Time Tracking Software?

A time tracking app refers to an online technology that helps keep track of work hours. In today’s remote work environment, most businesses use time tracking software to record their employees working time. These records give them insight into how they spend their time and how much time they spent while they are working on projects or tasks. According to reports, business owners can find ways to improve the productivity of each employee.

Not only does a time tracking app offer to keep tracking of your working hours but it also offers expense, payroll or break tracking too. Luckily almost every free time tracking tool comes with these additional features. So, the free time tracking apps we have mentioned below are just for you if you are;

  • A small business owner who is tight on a budget, 
  • A marketer, project manager or freelancer,
  • A decision-maker who is confused in choosing the best time tracking software for teams.

As the world of free time tracking apps is highly competitive, it is possible to get the maximum output without spending a penny. Let us tell you what we mean by saying “maximum output”. With the recent developments, nowadays most free time tracking software provides great features. While these tools used to only monitor time, they now allow many activities to be carried out. Online timesheets, project tracking, task prioritizing, activity reporting, billing and invoice tracking are just a few of the activities that a free time tracking tool provides.

Getting help from these free tools also lights the way for understanding your must-have and nice-to-have needs. Imagine investing in a time tracker that everyone finds out is the best, but it doesn’t actually meet your needs in the same way. That would be nothing but a waste of time and money! So, before fully investing in a paid time tracking solution, it should be better to consider these free time tracking tools we have put together for you.

In this blog post, you will find out the best free time tracking software for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a freelancer or a product manager in an agency where your time was all going matters most!

Top 7 Free Time Tracking Tools

  • Hubstaff
  • Clockify
  • Toogl Track 
  • Tick
  • Harvest
  • MyHours
  • TimeCamp


Alongside the project time tracking feature, there are other key features that come to the fore like issue tracking, reporting, CRM, payment tracking, productivity, and workflow management. Especially for payment tracking, Xero and Stripe integrations can save you time. In the free version, you will be able to track two projects simultaneously.

Hubstaff is one of the best free time tracking tools and helps track your work efficiently. Although it is known for remote teams or solopreneurs, all sizes of businesses can simply use Hubstaff to track their work time. The features consist of time tracking, timesheets, invoicing, and URL tracking. There is one feature that could be irritant for some of us is that Hubstaff takes several screenshots from your desktop during the day. Luckily, the free version limits the number of screenshots.

Hubstaff Activity Dashboard

You can also start tracking time both manually and automatically through its desktop timer created for macOS and Windows as well. It offers a platform that you can pay them directly without the need to switch to other tools. If you are working with numerous freelancers, this feature may be pretty beneficial for you. Unfortunately, its free version doesn’t integrate with other applications.


Clockify shines out at top of the best free time tracking software list as it is the most popular platform for project time tracking. It lets you and your team track work time between each project. By using the platform you can do numerous things alongside time tracking like timekeeping, detailed reporting, project and workforce management.

Clockify Activity Dashboard

If you are a project manager, Clockify definitely makes you happy. It allows you to create projects, view related tasks, assignments, and rates. So you will be monitoring what teammates are currently working on and where they spend most of their time. At the end of the project, you can easily analyze and report the progress of your project. Plus, all reports can be shared with other teammates and imported in several formats like PDF, CVS, and Excel.

Toogl Track

If you would like to stay away from the complexity, go for the Toogl Track then! It is created for freelancers, small and large teams. Toogl Track, a comprehensive free time tracking app, offers the simplest dashboard to track your time, project, and budget, manage your team, see the billable or non-billable hours of work and report your data for the week. 

Toogl Track Activity Dashboard

As Toogl Track is already integrated with over 100 tools in the market, you don’t need to go back and forth between platforms. Another point is once you start tracking time on the web app, you can stop it on the mobile app and so get the report on the desktop app. Sadly, the platform doesn’t offer pro features such as project templates, insights, time audit, iCal and Jira integration but you can upgrade your free plan to one of the paid plans anytime.


Tick sparks itself when it comes to looking for the best time tracking solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Like Toogl Track, Tick offers a straightforward dashboard to avoid confusion as well. It integrates well with Asana, Trello, Slack, and Teamwork to ease the project manager’s work by easily creating tasks and managing budgets.

Source: Tick

The platform allows you to keep track of the latest updates about each task or project through the mobile app and also the Apple Watch. Other key features include setting running times, invoicing, bulk time entry and Chrome browser extensions. No words for their rockstar customer support, you can get your answers at light speed. Just keep in mind that the Tick free plan is up to only one project. So you might need to upgrade your plan if you track more than one project at the same time.


Looking for a solution for larger teams? Harvest is a tailor-made solution for project time tracking. As distinct from the other time tracking apps, you will be able to see both what your teammates are working on separately and also collaboratively. It comes with a wide range of integrations such as Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Quickbooks and more.

Harvest Activity Dashboard

My Hours

As we continue down the road, My Hours comes up with its all-in-one capability. If you are looking for an easy-to-use time tracking tool with a classy look, you know what to choose. Not only does it help to track your time, tasks and projects but it also helps reporting, billing and organizing your team.

My Hours Activity Dashboard

Unlike most other time tracking software, My Hours offers unlimited solutions in its free trial version. So this may give you more time to enjoy the tracker rather than jumping into others. Thanks to the platform’s mobile app, you will be able to maintain your work on the go as well!


As we come to the end of the best free time tracking software list, our last stop is TimeCamp. A simple, yet powerful time tracker will help you avoid project management pain. Once you focus on the work that matters most to you, your productivity immediately will increase. By using TimeCamp, you will be able to optimize your and your team workflow while keeping the budget on track.

TimeCamp Activity Dashboard

Although the platform offers unlimited users and projects, it has only one integration ability. If we look at the bright side, TimeCamp provides bulk editing in the free version. This feature is commonly included in paid plans, so it is good to know that we can find it out in its free plan.

In Conclusion

Wrapping this free time tracking tools guide up, we would like to mention a few points. Once you know your needs well, the choosing part won’t be that painful. We have waded through the best free time management software in a wide array of its features and main pros and cons.

As every business has its own unique needs, it won’t be fair to say here is the best solution for any business. Before you decide, have a look at more time tracking tools list to find out the right one!